January 2014

We <3 LA: Planet Beauty Sets Her Sights on Santa Monica Blvd!

Costa Mesa, Ca – January 28, 2014

Calling all Los Angeles Beauty Junkies, Planet Beauty has just arrived on the famed beauty and style scene in Santa Monica, California! Planet Beauty’s arrival to the city loved and adored for its beautiful beaches, bustling pier, and lively ambiance will further strengthen their position inside Los Angeles County. Outfittedwith a bounty of The City of Angels most must-have products on the market, including: Kate Somerville, Jane Iredale, Dermalogica, Peter Lamas, Colorproof, Perricone, and more, this new boutique will continue to provide the first-class customer service that customers have experienced at Planet Beauty for over two decades.

Visit the all-new Planet Beauty at:

Planet Beauty Santa Monica
320 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401


(Between 3rd and 4th Street)

Tweeze Right!

Tweezers are a pretty necessary part of our beauty arsenal.  I mean, they do everything from pulling errant hairs to applying fake lashes-- and the right set of tweezers is crucial.  But, the last time you went to buy a new pair, there were about five different kinds, and it got kind of overwhelming, right?  Well, never fear, your favorite blogging beauty buff is here to help decipher the confusion of the pluckers, and help you figure out what you need to keep in your makeup bag!

First up, the hands down most common kind of tweezer is the slant edge.  These multi purpose slanted tweezers are great for eyebrows and stubborn hair.  The larger, flat tip area allows for general tweezing while the pointed tip can be used for more precise work.  They also make it easier to pull the hair in the direction of hair growth, avoiding painful pulling.  Use these tweezers if you're doing some major tweezing, and aren't trying to yank any tiny, fine hairs out. 

The next most common style of tweezer is the straight tip tweezer.  Straight tip tweezers are great for bikini line, thick eyebrows, and coarse,stubborn hair.  They can pull out several hairs at a time, so they are perfect for anybody who has foliclitis (where more than one hair grows out of the same follicle).  Use these tweezers there the hair growth direction is not uniform, and the tweezer doesn't have to be held at the same angle.  Again, straight edge tweezers are great for anybody doing some heavy lifting with their tweezing, and aren't going for precision. Another use-- these style of tweezers are great for applying strip lashes without getting glue all over you fingers!