February 2014

Santa Monica's Grand Opening!

Planet Beauty cordially invites you to visit their newest location in Santa Monica! Open for almost three weeks, this location is sure to be a favorite among locals and tourists from all over the world. With the pier only a few blocks away, Manager Christine Diep is excited to make a splash on March 8th with its Grand Opening.

Christine has been an employee of Planet Beauty for almost 10 years now. Her passion for skin care motivated her to earn her esthetician's license and her part-time job at Planet Beauty quickly blossomed into a career. She worked her way up from the Dana Point Location to Laguna Niguel, feeding her passion for skincare and customer service.    


An Event to Remember!

This past Valentine's Day, Planet Beauty partnered with the Irvine Company in an event to remember. With over 400 guests in attendance, it was truly an honor for Planet Beauty to co-host such a magnificent event with the Irvine Company. The event was hosted at the Irvine Company Office Properties, where it was beautifully decorated for Valentine's Day. All attendees were invited to partake in free makeovers with some of Planet Beauty's well-respected and popular vendors. 

Anastasia, as well as Too Faced, offered free mini cosmetic makeovers, including lash application and brow services. For those looking to receive a pampering hand treatment, OPI and Ahava were used for polish changes and hand massages. GHD, Enzo and Colorproof were also present, offering hair styling services with some of their top tools and products. With so many vendors present, everyone who attended was able to experience a little R&R before Valentine's Day evening. Those who chose to make a purchase from our vendors received a 20% discount and an invitation to visit Planet Beauty's many locations. All attendees also received complimentary gift bags that included some of Planet Beauty's customer favorites. The event created a buzz with local businesses and Planet Beauty is proud to have been selected to partner with the Irvine Company to host such a successful event for their building tenants and customers.


Dana Point Awarded Business of the Month- February 18, 2014

On February, 18th 2014 Planet Beauty was awarded by Mayor Lisa Bartlett with February's Dana Point Business of the Month Award. We would like to thank Mayor Lisa Bartlett and the City of Dana Point for awarding us with this great honor. We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful community and to have happily served the people of Dana Point for 20 years.


Nothing feels better than sitting in a salon chair and getting a fresh cut and color. While the process can be tedious, when it's all over, you walk out feeling like you can take over the world. You feel lighter on your feet, the breeze seems to flow perfectly through your luscious locks and it feels amazing.

The real challenge comes the next morning, when you start trying to recreate the magic from the day before. You have all the right products: serum, mousse, root boost, etc. Yet something just isn't working well. Suddenly, you're tempted to run over to Planet Beauty and ask about a new volumizing spray. You curse your stylist in frustration and you think to yourself, what have I gotten myself into?

Having worked for Planet Beauty for close to eight years, I've learned a thing or two about investing. As women, we all invest in something when it comes to our appearance. After all, we all have that one thing we want to preserve, that one thing that makes us feel truly beautiful. One of the best investments I ever made was finally caving in and buying myself a professional hair dryer. For years, I had thrown away money in the pursuit of that miracle $15 brand which will remain anonymous. I think my eye opening moment was the year I went through three hair dryers! Meanwhile, my co-worker happily boasted that she had her T3 hair dryer for close to four years. 

Hair Color Crisis?

A few years ago, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with red hair color. I had found the perfect shade of red and decided to experiment with a few highlights first. At the time, I hadn't dyed my hair in years, so I had a pretty basic shampoo in my shower. I quickly reaped the consequences when the floor of my tub looked like the Kool-Aid man had punched his way through my bathroom. My beautiful, vibrant red highlights were disappearing down the drain and I was not a happy gal. If you've ever had red hair, then I'm sure you've had a similar experience. It's painful watching your time and money just wash down the drain. Even blondes and brunettes are vulnerable to this tragic experience. Blondes have even more obstacles, like trying to keep blonde from yellowing or picking up unwanted tones. Brunettes don't have it easy, either. All hair color eventually loses its luster, but there is so much we can do in between salon visits to keep color retention at its maximum potential. 

If you have red hair and have yet to pick up Pureology's Reviving Red system, then you're missing out. The Reviving Red Shamp'oil has encapsulated lycopene which helps fight oxidation and color fading. This red-tinted shampoo will soften hair with natural oils and brighten up the pigment in your hair. Also part of this system is the conditioner, the Illuminating Caring Oil, and color-depositing treatments. 

Shh, Don't Give It Away!

Going to the salon for root touch-ups is second nature to a lot of women. Every four weeks, appointments are made and hair is refreshed and beautiful once again. After all, no one wants to have those pesky grays peeking out. Women go to great lengths to avoid those telling patches of grey and white, often keeping products handy at home for in-between salon visits. However, there are two areas women often neglect among the frenzy of hair color.

Our hands and neck often fall victims to the early signs of aging. The tell-tale markers present themselves in the form of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and more often than not, age spots. For some women, this seems to happen overnight and can be quite surprising. If you're one of the few who still hasn't seen it, then I suggest some preventative action to keep yourself looking healthy and youthful. 

Jurlique's Purely Age-Defying Hand Treatment is rich with Vitamin C, Jojoba, Tumeric and Safflower Seed Oil to moisturize and brighten up discoloration and uneven skin tone. Use just once and you'll notice a difference in how soft and silky your hands feel. Another great option is Mavala's Anti-Blemish Cream for Hands. Packed with botanical extracts and free of harsh chemicals, this hand cream exfoliates skin to eliminate dead skin, restore moisture and improve radiance. For a more natural option, pick up Caudalie's Hand and Nail Cream. Infused with rich antioxidants, this hand cream is lightweight and has a beautiful orange fragrance to invigorate your senses. 

Curls Just Wanna Have Fun!

All curls are unique and beautiful. Some curls are big and bouncy. Some curls are tight and skinny. Other curls are a little more on the wavy side. One thing's for sure, though. A curl's biggest friend or foe is weather. Those of us who were born with these spiral sensations know how much climate and weather can be a factor to how our curls react. Since we can't control whether it's sunny or rainy, then it's up to us to find that perfect product to keep our tresses looking fabulous.

Valentine's Day for all!

Whether you're painting the town red with your girlfriends this Friday, going on a romantic date with your honey or embracing your singleness at home, Planet Beauty is your Valentine's Day headquarters! 

If you're ready to bring out your inner vixen with your girls, you're going to need an arsenal of red. Proven to be the color of attraction, sporting red will give you the confidence of Beyoncé on that dance floor. For long lasting lip color, I suggest starting off with Too Faced's Perfect Red lip liner. Its name seems too good to be true, but trust me, it will perfectly blend with most red lipstick shades and is also smudge-proof. Smashbox's Infared Matte lipstick makes a killer combo that will have all the guys looking your way. If you're on the ombré lip train right now, try outlining your lips with Smashbox's Dark Nude lip liner, instead. Every vixen needs a go-to red nail polish. Some of our favorites include: OPI's The Thrill of Brazil, Butter London's Come to Bed Red and Essie's Forever Young. To finish off your look, go faux with your lashes, but not your personality. Eyelure has some beautiful lashes to choose from that come with built-in eyeliner that will make your eyes pop from across the room. 

BB Cream for Eyes to the Rescue!

Getting eight hours of sleep can seem like such a daunting task for many of us. Women are the ultimate doers, multi-tasking left and right. We juggle work, school, home and if we're lucky, a social life. While we're successful in the many roles we take on, sometimes it takes a toll on our well-being. Often times, our everyday stresses and habits start to show, particularly underneath our eyes.
I recently found myself feeling a little run down and it showed. My eyes seemed drier than normal and I had bags that didn't seem to go away. While it seemed tempting to slather on concealer, I knew wearing anything too heavy would only accentuate my problem. Luckily, there are products that not only conceal, but actually improve the look of your skin.
By now, I'm sure most of you have either heard of, tried, or currently use a BB cream. A lighter option for foundation, BB creams have taken off in the cosmetic industry. Since BB creams have been received so well with consumers, some companies now offer BB creams for eyes. 

Hollywood's Nude Attitude

Award season always seems to inspire a little Hollywood glamour in all of us. While I find myself personally excited to root for my favorite films and actors and artists, I'm not going to lie. I absolutely love the red carpet pre-shows and best-worst dressed lists that get posted the next day. As I sift through pictures, I make mental notes about hair, makeup and nail polish. It's the closest thing to having a personal stylist, right?

One thing I noticed so far this year is the presence of nudes and natural tones in makeup among celebrities. I tend to be a more natural girl myself, so seeing some of my favorite stars embracing browns, taupes and bronzed shades is refreshing. Sure, it's fun to wear emerald-shaded eyeshadow on a Friday night, but I want an everyday look that makes me look Red Carpet fabulous.