July 2016

Celebrate National Caviar Day with these Must-Have Alterna Haircare Products!

It’s National Caviar Day tomorrow and to celebrate, we are sharing our top five Alterna Caviar products to stock up on this summer! Not only is caviar a delicacy in cuisine, but it also offers amazing nutrition for the hair. Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, caviar is one ingredient you’ll want to have in your shower this summer season.

1.Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque: If your hair has been compromised by that new summer ombre or those weekly visits to the pool, you’re going to love using this masque to eliminate dryness, damage and dullness. Marine botanicals nourish dry hair and restore elasticity and moisture to leave it silky and soft.

2. Caviar Repairx Multi-vitamin Heat Protection Spray: It’s always a good idea to use a heat protection spray before using heat styling tools, but this isn’t just any ordinary spray. Rich antioxidants, UV protection and Biotin enrich your hair every time you style with heat so that it not only stays healthy, but shiny and vibrant, as well.


Photo courtesy of Alterna Haircare via Facebook