Get Healthier Hair with These Scalp Treatments

Having a healthy scalp is vital to growing healthy hair, so it's important to show it frequent love and care as part of our beauty routine. We go to great lengths to keep our strands healthy by keeping it cleansed, moisturized and protected against heat and damage, but showing the same diligence with our scalp can make a big difference in the health of your hair. The next time you stop in at your local Planet Beauty, check out these rejuvenating treatments for your scalp.

1. Alterna Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Facial: If you're dedicated when it comes to your facials, then why not take it to another level and give your scalp a facial, too? This highly-rated customer favorite from Alterna helps relieve scalp dryness and replenish moisture for a balanced, healthy scalp. Exfoliating microbeads get worked into the scalp with the bristle applicator to remove impurities and give the scalp a clean slate.


2. Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask: Anyone experiencing thinning or hair loss will benefit from this exfoliating follicle mask designed to clear sebum from the scalp and help thicken the hair shafts. Vicia Faba Seed Extract works to strengthen the hair and promote fullness and body. Apricot Seed Powder exfoliates dead skin from the scalp while Biotinoyl Tripeptide 1 helps block DHT, which is important in aiding with hair loss. Use prior to shampooing for the best results.


3. Dr. Dennis Gross Anti-Aging Scalp Serum: This nourishing serum created by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare not only helps keep your scalp healthy, but also helps to support healthy hair growth. Saw Palmetto supports healthy hair growth, while Retinol addresses scalp health. Copper Peptides, Adenosine and Procyanidin-B2 keeps hair growth and hair structure strong. Alpha Lipoic gives the scalp and hair antioxidant protection from free radical damage.


4. Phyto Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment: Whether you want to address dandruff, flakiness or thinning, this treatment will help get you back on track for a healthy scalp. Powerful ingredients like Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Sage, Cypress and Lemon support natural microcirculation to ward off problems that can cause an unbalanced scalp. Your scalp will feel completely invigorated after each use. Whether you use it alone or follow up with other Phyto Haircare Treatments, you'll achieve a healthier scalp in no time.


5. Rene Furter Complexe 5: Formulated with a concentration of 53% pure essential oils of Orange and Lavender, this weekly scalp treatment works quickly to purify the scalp and increase much-needed microcirculation. Simply apply on your dry scalp before you jump into the shower to shampoo. Massage it into your scalp and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes. Use on its own or follow up with any of Rene Furterer's treatments for hair loss and thinning. 


Liz Cabrera


Liz Cabrera is a skin care enthusiast who has worked at Planet Beauty for 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of California, Long Beach. She has a love for film, jazz and the Humor boards on Pinterest. 

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