Grunge Makeup Is Back and Perfect for Fall & Winter!

Ah, grunge. It’s the style made for boots, beanies, plaid prints and I-don’t-care-hair!  For the quintessential lazy girl, grunge is the greatest thing that could have happened for fashion and beauty. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably elated to have this trend back in style. We saw grunge everywhere on the runway this year and we just can’t get enough of it. Grunge not only takes very little effort to pull off, but it also lends itself to so much creativity. More importantly, if you’re not the most skilled with makeup looks that require precision, you’ll love the smudgy and edgy aspects of a grunge look.  

Although there are many interpretations of grunge style and makeup, you can never go wrong with a dark eye, vampy lip and pale skin.  This signature grunge look can be easily recreated with very few products and with very little effort. If you’re looking to get a little grungy this season, you’ll need three essentials to pull off this look with minimal effort. We teamed up with Beauty Store Business editor Breanna Armstrong to bring you an easy-to-create grunge look.

Products used: 
Smashbox Plum Role Lipstick
Stila Cosmetics Black Smudge Stick & Liquid Liner
The Balm Cosmetics Nude Dude Palette

The secret to a good grunge eye is having fun with smoky eyeshadow shades and going to town with your blending brush. Unlike other eyeshadow looks, grunge embraces smudgy imperfections. Your eyeliner doesn’t have to be perfectly lined, so if you tend to have issues with a steady hand, then you’ll love how effortless this look can be. When it comes to grunge liner, you can’t smudge too much. 

A grunge look is never complete without a dark lippy. One of the best things about a grunge lip is that you can choose from a variety of dark shades so you can choose a lip color that flatters you best. Whether you go for a deep red, dark grey or plum, you’ll fit right into the grunge trend.

Remember, grunge beauty shouldn’t give you a headache like other trends (c’mon, cut-crease!) so don’t be afraid to embrace your grungy side. Check out Breanna's fun tutorial below and share your own grunge looks with us on Instagram! #planetbeauty


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