Spa Day Stay-cation!

Ah, summer vacation.  There’s nothing like packing up your bags and heading out to some exotic or favorite locale, and indulging yourself in all the wonderfully yummy or expensive things you certainly wouldn’t do at home.  Well, what if a vacation didn’t happen this summer? Or, what if you want to re-create your favorite spa day back in your own bathroom? You can look no farther than your local Planet Beauty store to stock up on all your spa favorites for a totally DIY spa day!

Start by getting AHAVA’s Natural Dead Sea Body Mud for an intensely cleansing and exfoliating shower experience.  Dead Sea black mud is highly effective for the relief of painful joints and tense muscles, especially when used as a warm mask on aching areas or all over the body. The mud’s unique ability to slowly release heat into the body assures deep relief and detoxifies the skin.  This Black Mineral Mud has high cleansing properties that helps to absorb oils, dirt, and toxins while removing excess dead skin cells, exposing a fresh, younger skin texture. Also ideal for reliving arthritic pain and stressed muscles. Stimulates blood microcirculation and refines texture, clarifying its tone.  Is recommended for natural relief of aching muscles and back pain.  Spread generously over body (avoid any open wounds), leave on 7-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Mud may be heated for maximum benefit, but test it first to avoid slathering yourself with hot lava.  Find your own at select Planet Beauty stores for $16.00.

Since your hair is exposed to so much heat, sun, salt, and chlorine, you need to treat it extra special in the summer.   Smooth on a super hydrating hair mask, like Color Proof’s Deep Quench Moisture Mask.  Quench dried out hair with this rich and creamy masque specifically designed to infuse incredible moisture deep into the hair shaft. This miracle worker intensely hydrates, nourishes and repairs, giving hair the special tender loving care it deserves!  Get yours at your local Planet Beauty store for $39.95.

To give your tootsies some extra love, grab a pair of Bliss’ softening socks to help turn dry, tired feet into a thing of beauty!  You’ll get a kick out of this pair of toe de-toughing, sole-smoothing, hardened heel-helping softening socks. They’ll leave feet feathery soft and spotlight-ready in 20 minutes!  These amazing socks hydrate hardened hoofs with a self-activating gel lining that immediately softens tired treads and lasts for up to 50 uses with olive oil, grapeseed oil, and vitamin E.  Pair with best selling foot cream Foot Patrol, an action packed tube of peppermint and salicylic acid foot-softening splendor that makes skin noticeably soft and silky after a single coating. Smooth on daily for feathery-tender feet. Try their Glamour Gloves for the same silkening benefits on dry hands, as well!

Everything you need to pamper yourself like you’re on vacation is jam packed into your local Planet Beauty store, so come down and visit the Buffs!

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