When It Comes to Volume, Redken has New Options

There isn't one way to style your hair with volume and this spring, Redken is giving you options when it comes to achieving sexy, volumized hair. Whether you're looking for bohemian, bouncy, beach waves or volume that defies gravity, you'll be set with Redken's newest line of products.

When we think about texture, it's normal to gravitate toward the styling aspect of our hair products. Redken is now making it easier to get amazing texture with their new Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo. Gone are the days where you could only achieve good texture with second day, dirty hair. This shampoo helps boost the texture and volume in your hair by gently cleansing your strands with the help of filloxane, polymers and minerals. These combined ingredients come together to give you easy texture, body and movement. To maintain volume and bounce, the Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Conditioner conditions your hair lightly with a gel-lotion formula that won't weigh your hair down. The same combination of ingredients as the shampoo keep your hair bouncy and ready for beauty waves. 

To achieve those desired beach waves, Redken has a surprising new product that doesn't use salt to promote texture and grit. Wave Aid is a different kind of beach spray that is salt free and instead uses the power of a mineral blend to enhance texture and create waves. Use on damp hair and let air dry or use it before your curling iron for long-lasting waves and curls. 


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Anyone who struggles with baby fine and flat hair will love the new High Rise Volume Lifting line from Redken. Hair is immediately given a boost of body with filloxane, while silicone polymers allow for a silky finish that gives the hair shine. (Goodbye, dull flat strands!) Followed with the High Rise Volume Conditioner, hair is detangled lightly for easy styling. Even those with reservations about conditioner will love that this one has the volumizing blend of filloxane and silicone polymers, too. You don't have to compromise softness and shine for volume and Redken knows it. 

For that desired lift when you go to style your hair the High Rise Volume Duo Volumizer will get the job done. Duo styling products not only save you time, but give you the right amount of product each time. This duo volumizing product combines a volume cream with a high lift gel for volumized, moveable style. Mix together in your hand before applying at the roots and round brush while you blow dry. Finish with your favorite hairspray and call it day. 


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