Rockin' Retro Summer Looks Inspired by OPI!

OPI’s 2016 Summer Collection has arrived and we are officially ready to have some fun in the sun RETRO style! Say goodbye to this dreary June gloom because we’re feeling major 60s beach party vibes with this eye-catching summer series of nail polish. OPI’s Retro Collection is everything you want from a summer nail polish set. They’re bright, bubbly and just put you in a good mood. Retro styles were all the rave during Fashion Week Spring 2016, in particular, fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s runway show. From volumized ponytails, to heavy winged liner and bright lips, his show this spring was a blast from the past. We’re totally feeling the same foxy vibe this season with OPI! We decided to have a little fun in our Planet Beauty studio and looked to the summer collection for some inspiration. Makeup and nail polish go hand in hand and so we went all out 60’s beach party style!

Get Your Glow On All Summer Long

As summer nears and the weather starts to warm up, it’s common to want to let your skin breathe as much as possible. The thought of layers and layers of makeup can feel a little claustrophobic when you’re in the midst of a heatwave. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo wearing makeup. One of the the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up your complexion and look summer fabulous is by applying a highlighter. A highlighter not only gives your face an instant lift but showers you with a glow that makes you look like a glammed-up goddess.

To achieve a natural highlighted effect, you’ll want to place your focus on the bridge of your nose, above your cheekbones, your brow bones, cupid’s bow and the center of your forehead. While there are a variety of makeup brushes you can use to apply highlighter, one tried and true beauty tool is the fan brush. Because of its half-moon shape, it makes applying highlighter easier. The smaller and thinner the bristles are, the easier it is to build your highlighter naturally. This is especially important when you are working with highlighters that have high shimmer or tiny specks of glitter.


Get Ready for Summer With Our June Beauty Picks

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time for more fun in the sun! This also means we’re all going to be a little more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging UV rays. While protecting yourself against UV rays should be a year-round habit, you should be extra diligent during summer when you’re spending more time outdoors. Before you go on that summer weekend getaway or vacation, make sure you pack our June Beauty picks along for the ride!

With more visits to the beach and pool, the moisture and vibrancy in our hair can quickly become compromised. Chlorine and saltwater can dry our ends and make our hair look dull and lifeless. One way to keep your hair looking gorgeous all summer long is using a moisturizing leave-in conditioner. This June, we love Rene Furterer’s Okara Radiance Enhancing Spray to protect your hair.  This two-phase leave in conditioner is formulated with Rene’s Okara Extract which helps to repair hair at a deeper level. A hamamelis extract works to keep the bond between the hair’s keratin and color to maintain vibrancy while a double UV filter and antioxidant Vitamin E gives your hair the much-needed protection it needs against UV rays and damaging free radicals. A lightweight spray, hair is gently detangled and prepped for thermal styling. The lightweight feel of this spray also makes it ideal for your entire family. The fresh scent of grapefruit, peach, raspberry and rose instantly awaken your senses and invigorate your spirit. 


Kiss Me Now, Kiss Me Later!

When you’re a busy woman on the go, chances are, you’ve got a full calendar on your hands. Between juggling your job, family life and social life, there’s probably little time to update and freshen up your look from location to location. Sure, you could run home and re-do your makeup if you’re going from work to a first date, but that’s just extra time you can’t be bothered with. One of the quickest ways to transform your makeup look from day to night is by simply changing up your lipstick. One of the best things about wearing lipstick is that it can make such a strong statement with little effort. On days when you’re not feeling your best, lipstick always has a way of making you look put together.  

For a fresh-looking daytime look, a soft pink pout is the way to go. Smashbox's Cognac lipstick instantly enhances the natural color of the lip while adding a beautiful glossy finish. Notice how minimizing the amount of eyeshadow draws attention to Vanessa's gorgeous smile! This particular shade of lipstick. Cognac is also a great shade for an everyday professional look or that first date you've been looking forward to. 


Turn Back the Clock With Yon-Ka's Age Exception Range

When Cher sang the famous line, “If I could turn back time”, she was referring to past regret in how she treated a loved one. Expressing regret and wanting to go back in time to change something is fairly common in all of us. When I spend time in the store helping customers with skincare, many of them lament feelings of regret when it comes to the way they’ve treated their skin. Exposure to the sun, unhealthy habits and lifestyle often come back to haunt us in the form of sun damage, wrinkles and rough skin. Wanting to turn back time is a frequent desire when I’m helping a customer find a skincare product to reverse the signs of aging.  In the past year, Yon-Ka Paris skincare launched their Age Exception range, focusing on the advanced signs of aging. The line began with a serum and cream, but has now expanded to include a new contours product and masque.

Anyone over 55 who wants to restore youthfulness to their skin will benefit greatly from the Cellular Code Long-Life Infusion Serum. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but this serum gets a lot done. A revolutionary cell-energy complex works to reprogram the skin’s youth code to boost cellular longevity which is responsible for communication, energy production and oxygenation, boosting the skin’s defense against free radical damage. Other specially-formulated patented key ingredients from Yon-Ka improve radiance, youthfulness and suppleness with each application. 2-3 pumps twice daily are recommended for best results.

A Fool-Proof Guide to Beautiful Insta-brows

Beauty trends come and go, but the interest in brows is still as popular as ever. Our brows set the tone for the rest of our face and can either enhance (if they’re done well) or distract (if they’re done poorly) from our entire makeup look. Any makeup artist will tell you the secret to beautiful brows every time is having the right tools handy, good product and lots and lots of practice. Even if you’ve fallen victim to over-tweezing, there isn’t a brow problem that can’t be handled with a little magic of makeup. We narrowed down our five favorite products to master the Insta-brow each and every time. If you’re looking to perfect your eyebrow game, do yourself a favor and check out our must-have products!


Products featured:

Redken's Curvaceous Makes a Fresh Start

When it comes to wavy and curly hair, there isn’t one magic formula that works for both.  Each strand of hair is unique and requires special attention, technique and products to bring out its best bounce. Redken Haircare has been on a mission to create tailored styling systems for both curly and wavy hair types and has recently re-launched their Curvaceous line. Their new line reintroduces some favorites under exciting new packaging while expanding the line to offer more options for different hair types and needs.

Instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach to their Curvaceous shampoo, Redken now has three different options, depending on the type of curl. Whether the hair waves, curls or spirals, there is a specific shampoo that will cleanse it gently for the best possible appearance and bounce. The new Curvaceous High Foam Shampoo lathers like a regular shampoo, but doesn’t contain color and moisture stripping sulfates or parabens.  Redken’s exclusive Curl Memory Complex is formulated with shape-activating sugar crystals, moisturizing Moringa oil and a protective UV filter. Every shampoo infuses hair with lightweight moisture, which is perfect for wavy hair types that need definition and bounce without any weight.


Stylist Spotlight: Brienn Davis

Planet Beauty is home to many passionate and talented hair stylists and this month, we’re featuring Flowerhill’s own Brienn Davis. A licensed cosmetologist from the Marinello School of Beauty in San Diego, California, Brienn has developed her talent over the course of sixteen years in the industry. Her attention to detail and love of color has given her exposure with Modern Salon, American Salon, and Instagram. She is a 1st place winner for Behind the Chair where she competed against other hairstylists from other renowned beauty schools. This honor allowed her to become a published hairstylist in on Paper Magazine. A wife and mother of three, Brienn keeps a busy schedule, but still ensures her clients receive four-star service each time they sit in her chair.


Pictured: Brienn Davis

Brienn’s area of expertise is perfecting various blonde tones, seamless balayage services and sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights. She also enjoys the challenge of a color-correction service and has extensive knowledge when it comes to clients with thinning hair and hair loss. Her precision haircuts and knowledge of hair extensions give her an edge when it comes to working with various clients and she approaches every request with enthusiasm and passion. Whether a client is looking for a simple color change or a fresh new look, Brienn takes pride in her work to ensure a luxurious experience every time.

Going blonde for summer? Read this first!

Going blonde for summer may be the drastic hair change you’re looking for, but can also cause a major beauty headache if you don’t go about it the right way. Making the change from brunette to blonde isn’t impossible, but does require a few steps to avoid a blonde blunder. If you’re looking to lighten up this summer, follow our tips for a stress-free transition.

Plan ahead: If you have a big event in the summer or a vacation planned, think about when you would like to actually have your hair done. The last thing you’ll want is showing up to your cousin’s wedding looking like Carrot Top.

Visit your stylist for a consultation: For a drastic hair change, it’s important that you have a trusting relationship with your stylist. In other words, this may not be the best time to try someone new. Your trusted stylist will give you a realistic time frame and cost when it comes to going blonde and won’t want to damage your hair in the process. To prepare for your visit, take a few pictures and most of all—temper your expectations. They’re stylists, not magicians.


Get your hair in the best shape of its life: To prepare your hair for a few bleaching sessions, you’ll want to have healthy hair. Use a professional quality shampoo and conditioner and treat your hair to a mask a couple of times a week if it’s really dry. Avoid using heat styling tools and try to limit how often you wash it.

4 Must-Have Products For The Girl Who Doesn't Like Wearing Makeup

These days, it seems like everyone’s getting into the hottest makeup trends, experimenting with cut creases and facial contouring learned from Instagram and YouTube. For someone who doesn’t really like makeup, those terms can be foreign and that’s okay. If you’re someone who would rather ditch makeup but still want to look done up and professional for work, then here are some minimal makeup must-haves.

If you immediately recoil at the thought of wearing a foundation for the fear of that “masked” feeling, then by all means, skip the foundation! Tinted moisturizers disappear right into your skin, while offering some amazing skincare benefits. jane iredale’s Dream Tint has been one of their customer favorites for years and comes as no surprise. Lightweight minerals give a sheer to medium coverage while Algae Extract hydrates your skin and shields it against moisture loss. Titanium Dioxide offers sunscreen protection while calming and smoothing the skin, as well. Your skin will look radiant without the heaviness of a full coverage foundation. Set your tinted moisturizer with a lightweight finishing powder and lightly tap on your t-zone area.


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