Style Your Hair Like a Pro and Cocktail Your Products

When it comes to getting our done, nothing makes us feel more confident than the first steps we take when we walk out of the salon with an amazing new style. That confidence is soon met with frustration when we attempt to recreate the magic in the days that follow. While you may have all the right tools (professional-quality styling tools, round brushes and styling product) your results may depend on one important little hairstyling trick: cocktails. 

I'm not referring to a tasty cosmopolitan (by all means, DO enjoy one). I'm referring to hair product cocktails. When I observe our own stylist Sherry working on a client, there isn't one magical product she uses every time. Like a careful mixologist, I watch her add a spritz here and a dollop there of different styling products to create a perfect, individualized style for her clients. While styling products have evolved greatly over time, there really isn't one product that will give you that satisfactory style you're seeking. With just a little cocktail of styling products, you're style will be elevated to another level of greatness. If you're looking for some great cocktails to try this coming year, check out some of our stylist's favorites.

Sleek Tresses: Styling Cream and oil
This wonderful duo will help tame flyways, give you light control and leave your hair incredibly shiny and sleek. We love the combo of Alterna's Bamboo Silk Sleek Brilliance Cream paired up with a little Ava Oil. Work this duo from the ends up. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Beauty Junkie In Your Life

Christmas is only days away and if you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for the beauty addict in your life, it's not too late to pick up a great gift that they will love. While a gift card is always an option, check out some of Planet Beauty's Christmas must-haves for the person who seems to have everything.

1. Foreo LUNA for Sensitive/Normal Skin: Anyone who's meticulous about their skincare regimen will appreciate these innovative cleansing brush. Created with phthalate-free and body-safe silicone, this skincare tool uses T-sonic and lower-frequency pulsations to cleanse the skin and help reduce the signs of aging. One side provides deep-cleansing action while the opposite side provides an antiaging treatment. Your loved one will notice a difference in their skin using this amazing device.

2. Red Carpet Starter Kit: If you have a serious nail polish addict in your life, then they'll love being able to take their manicures to a professional level from home. This amazing gift comes with the portable LED light from Red Carpet Manicure. They can plug this light in, use it with batteries or even hook it up to their computer for power. For under $100, this present covers the average cost of two professional gel manicures. You can't go wrong with this one.

Get Your Brow Game On Before The Year Ends

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a good set of eyebrows. Trust me, I've been in a never-ending battle with mine since the mid-90s. Whether it's over-tweezing, over-shading or simply butchering your brows all together, it's time to take back some control, ladies. As we get through the final month of 2015, I invite you to get the best brows of your life and steer away from common mistakes that are causing you major brow damage. 

If you're always reaching for that magnified mirror to tweeze unwanted brow hair, then chances are, you've over-tweezed on more than one occasion. I realize it's not always easy to see what you're doing with a regular mirror, but that's why you should alternate. Stand in front of a regular mirror so you can best visualize where it is you want to remove hair. Once you've determined what hair needs to go, hold the tweezer by that hair and then grab your magnified mirror. While this might take an extra minute or two, it will prevent you from going to town on your brows. Remember, a magnified mirror makes everything look exaggerated, including your brow hair. 

To best remedy over-tweezed hair, use a brow treatment ASAP to get that hair growing back. RevitaBrow Advanced is great to have handy and can be used daily to strengthen and condition your eyebrows. BioPeptin Complex contains Biotin and a Green Tea Extract to strengthen brows and avoid brittleness and breakage. Use on a frequent basis for natural, healthier brows.

A Parisian Inspired Christmas from Too Faced

Paris in winter can be a magical time and this year, Too Faced Cosmetics is taking us on a romantic stroll with a dreamy parisian holiday collection. Inspired by the romance, beauty  and charm of Paris, you'll be buying two of everything---one for you and one for a friend. 

If you fell in love with last year's Carousel, then you're not going to be able to resist the Le Grand Chateau collection. Packed in an adorable box shaped as an actual chateau, this amazing gift opens up, revealing the most beautiful eye shadow palettes inside. Use the Paris Au Naturale for your everyday Monday through Friday look. Wear the Paris in Love palette when you're feeling romantic in the daytime. Get in touch with your inner vixen with the eyeshadows in Paris After Dark. Also included in this amazing collection is Too Faced's best-selling Better Than Sex Mascara. This collection is an amazing gift on its own, but is also the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Break it up and give these compact palettes away as stocking stuffers or small, individualized presents. Not only do these little palettes look like flat gift boxes, but they even have a to and from section on the back for customized gifting. 

Beauty Essentials To Compliment that LBD

When it comes to the holiday season, nothing is more essential to our wardrobe than that little black dress. This essential piece of clothing is the quickest way to look glamorous when faced with a time constraint. The LBD is classic for the holiday seasons and can make life easier when you're going from party to party. Dress it up with some statement jewelry and you're ready for a night on the town. Along with our holiday wardrobe staples, there are some holiday beauty essentials that are just as important. If you've got a good amount of parties lined up in your calendar, then you're going to want these holiday beauty must-haves.

1. Red Lipstick: What color better describes the holiday season than red? Whether you're hitting a holiday happy hour party after work or get invited to a dinner last minute, nothing elevates your style quicker than red lipstick. The Marvelous Moxie Lipstick from bareMinerals is creamy and easy to apply. If you're looking for a gorgeous scarlet red shade, pick up a tube of Call the Shots.

2. Black Eyeliner: When you need to go from a daytime to nighttime look and you're pressed for time, black eyeliner will be your saving grace. Simply apply some liner and smudge it out for a quick, no fuss smokey-looking eye. If you have a little extra time, you can also create a cat eye for alluring, sexy eyes. Too Faced's Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Black is super creamy and has a smudge tip attached. 

Get Through December With Our Monthly Beauty Picks

December is finally here and so are our beauty picks for the month! As always, our beauty picks are chosen carefully to make your month a little brighter and help you fall in love with something new. Since Christmas is just weeks away, our beauty picks will also make great gifts for your loved ones.

With the weather cooling down and winds picking up, keeping your hair healthy and shiny can be quite the challenge. Between warmer showers and using hot styling tools, the moisture in our hair can become quickly depleted. To avoid brittle, dry strands this winter, we suggest you try the Aquis hair towels and turbans. Oftentimes, little things we do can cause serious damage to our hair, especially when it's wet. Since it's at its most vulnerable state, it's important to treat it as gently as possible. Aquis towels are made with state of the art microfiber that is soft and delicate on your hair. The fibers in Aquis towels and turbans are fine and weaved in a special design that acts as a channel for water. This technology draws the water away from your hair unlike a regular towel that sits heavily on your head. This allows your hair to dry a lot faster and create less friction that can cause tangles and frizz. Since the excess water in your hair will be absorbed, you'll find yourself spending less time drying it with heat. If you're tired of dealing with damaged, dry hair, then you need an Aquis towel in your bathroom. For even better results, use a leave in conditioner and a Wet Brush for gentle detangling.

Why You Need to Try Multi-Masking

Finding the right balance in your skincare regimen can sometimes be challenging. Many of us struggle with different problem areas that we're working to improve. For instance, I'm always looking for products that will help brighten my hyperpigmentation and control my oil. At the same time, I have patches on my skin that get dry and flaking during this time of the year. If you're in the same kind of boat and are looking for an effective solution for your skin's woes, then you have to try multi-masking. 

Multi-masking isn't anything totally new, but it's been buzzing all over social media lately. When you pay for professional facials, oftentimes, estheticians will customize a facial depending on your skin's needs. With some caution, you can now customize your own facials from home, as well. As with any beauty trend, it's important to remember that what works for someone else may not really work for you. Before you open up your cabinet and start applying any mask you already have, I suggest you take a look at the ingredients in your masks to make sure they are all compatible. One way you can avoid this is trying different masks from the same skincare line. 

This Holiday Collection is More than Pretty Packaging

If you're a fan of bareMinerals, then you're going to want to check out this year's holiday collection. bareMinerals never disappoints when it comes to the holidays and this year is no exception. The collection centers around the theme of enchantment, with deep red and gold packaging that is whimsical and warm. While the entire holiday collection is beautifully packaged, bareMinerals delivers with every gift set, while also re-introducing much-anticipated fan favorites like the deluxe size of the original foundation. 

Whether you're shopping for you or someone special, you'll find some great options with this collection. Give the gift of sparkly eyes with the Precious Pearls collection (stocking stuffer, anyone). This eyecolor trio comes with Cultured Pearl, Blissful Pearl and Magnificent for shimmery, pearlized eyelids. For the novice eyeshadow user in your life, there's also the Bare Tutorials Starlit Eyes Kit which comes with 5 essentials and includes how-to instructions. Packaged in a convenient tin box, you can easily keep your makeup stored and accessible. 

7 Beauty Products to be Thankful For

When it comes to our beauty products, there aren't a lot of things we can imagine living without. Our eye creams, night creams and leave in conditioners make all the difference in our daily beauty routine and we couldn't be more thankful for them. This year, I've compiled a list of some very special beauty products that we should definitely be thankful for. These products go above and beyond the daily call of duty when it comes to our beauty routines.

1. Cold Plasma Sub D: This top-rated treatment specifically targets the chin and jawline which can sag overtime and make us look older than we really are. This Thanksgiving, say goodbye to turkey neck because this cream is the real deal.

2. Tria Laser Hair Remover: Named one of InStyle's Best Beauty Buys for 2015, this amazing device gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home. Easy to use and FDA-cleared, this is one product we're thankful exists.

3. jane iredale Glow Time: If you've never tried this BB cream, you're in for a treat. This full coverage BB cream not only disguises any unwanted spots or blemishes, but actually makes your skin look and feel better over time. Made with Grapefruit and Apple Extract, pores, fine lines and wrinkles are minimized for a smooth, glowing finish. Just a tiny drop goes a long way, too. Your regular foundation will take a backseat to this BB cream.

Boost Up Your Volume With These Favorites

'Tis the season for bigger hair! If you're constantly in a battle with limp hair, I totally feel your pain. Getting that beautiful salon-quality volume can prove to be quite a challenge. Having the right styling tools (a good hair dryer, round brush, velcro rollers, hot rollers and curling iron) is a start, but it also comes down to having the perfect styling product. Before you walk out the door with flat strands, check out some of our favorite volume-boosting favorites.

1. Alterna Caviar Amplifying Mousse: This isn't just an ordinary styling mousse. This amplifying mousse not only gives your hair amazing volume and texture, but it actually improves your hair's moisture and elasticity. Alterna's exclusive Age-Control Complex makes this possible through ingredients like caviar extract, cytokines and the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C. With each use, damage to your hair is significantly reduced, leaving your hair stronger and more beautiful. This mousse is ideal for round-brushing and setting with velcro rollers.

2. L'Anza Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel: A customer favorite, this weightless gel adds body, volume and texture to the finest hair without leaving it sticky and hard. The gorgeous shimmery color is derived by mica, which leaves the hair looking shiny and healthy. Since fine hair can easily be damaged with heat, this gel also contains a cactus extract for thermal protection up to 482 F. 

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