Top 5 Self-Tanning Products for Summer

If you're ready to bring out your favorite summer dresses and sandals but need some serious tanning, take a look at our favorite picks for the season! From spray formulas to traditional lotions, Planet Beauty is here to help you find your perfect match. 

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: Get an instant bronze with this conditioning foam tanner. Infused with aloe, this easy-to-apply self-tanner is extremely lightweight, making every application quick and streak-free. Watch your arms and legs transform instantly without the bothersome scent of self-tanner. It dries in only a minute, so it's perfect for our beach babes on the go. This mousse is just one of many products available from St. Tropez, but it is always a favorite among Planet Beauty advisors. 

2. Rodial Brazilian Tan DARK: This gel formula gives you a beautiful, deep tan while moisturizing skin with shea butter. The caramel-infused formula gives you the perfect bronzed color and glow. Natural gardenia fragrance gives your skin a fresh summer scent so no one will suspect your tan is from a bottle. If you love Rodial, they also have a self-tanning spray we love.

Looking for Beach Babe Waves?

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to put a little texturizing beach spray in my hair and letting it air dry. I'm not going to lie---when it comes to styling my hair during summer, I like to do as little as possible. If you want to flaunt some beach waves this summer, check out our favorite products and tools to get your style perfected. 

Best Texturizing Beach Sprays:
Philip B's Maui Wowie Volumizing & Thickening Beach Mist: Sure, that sounds like a mouthful, but this product is not all talk. Sea Salt, a blend of marine extracts and aloe vera work together to create sexy separation and texture, while pure orchid and kukui oils give shine and nourishment. If your hair is on the fine side, give this one a try.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: Anyone who truly loves the gritty feeling in their hair from a trip to the beach will love Bumble's Surf Spray. Infused with sea salt, hair will get a playful texture and body with a matte finish. Seaweed and Kelp extracts keep hair moisturized. 

Ouidad's Wave Create: Wavy-hair girls love this texturizing beach spray because it creates a pretty wave without a crunchy feel. Planet-derived humectants lock in moisture so that waves stay in place all day long while vitamin-rich seaweed and algae extracts give hair the love and nourishment it needs to stay healthy all summer long. 

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and with summer officially weeks away, it's important to stay protected from the sun's hazardous rays and be on the lookout for any changes in moles and birth marks. It's also important to make sure you don't forget to protect your lips and ears, as they are the two most forgotten about areas to apply sun protection. With so many wonderful options to choose from, we narrowed down 5 products to check out.
1. CoTZ Face: A non-chemical sunscreen formulated with minerals, we love CoTZ and its sheer, matte finish. This sunscreen does not contain any fragrance and works beautifully as a primer before makeup and is completely oil free. You can use the light formula or tinted one if you want some added color.
2. Murad Environmental Shield Essential C Balm SPF 35: If you're an active person who needs an easy to carry and apply sunscreen, this balm is a great alternative to lotion sunscreens. It's extremely compact and won't spill in your bag, which is great if you're traveling, too.

Essential Buys for Every Guy

Beauty isn't just for women. More men seem to be interested in trying a different hairstyle, playing with facial hair and taking care of their skin, too. Caring a little extra about appearance isn't anything to be ashamed of. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all know a thing or two about being stylish from head to toe. It's no surprise that ladies go crazy for them. Who doesn't admire a guy who puts his best foot forward, too? If you need a little inspiration, check out our top 5 must-haves products for every guy.

1. A Go-To Styling Product: Every guy needs his go-to hair product. Whether it's a gel, pomade or wax, choose something that you find easy to use. If you want a polished, professional look, American Crew's Fiber is always a favorite. It has a high hold with low shine and helps to texturize hair, giving it some fullness. For a stronger, matte finish, Enjoy's Dry Wax is always a top-seller among guys. If you want to recreate a classy, polished look like Brad Pitt at the Oscars this year, Layrite's Original Pomade will do the trick. We know there are tons of products to choose from, so experiment until you find something you love.

Get Camera-Ready with Carlene K!

If you're ready to sport beautiful and glowing skin, then it's time to try Carlene K's Shine Body Bronzer! Whether you're a sun bunny or a faux tan addict, you will love the gorgeous glow you will get from this amazing skin bronzer. If you've never used tanning products, but have always wanted that sexy bronze, then this wonderful bronzer is ideal for you.

Celebrity makeup artist Carlene K knows what it takes to have a successful photo shoot in the industry: Beautiful and bronzed skin. She has helped celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger look amazing on the X Factor with her gorgeous makeup and incredibly glowing skin. Shine Body Bronzer has been one of Hollywood's best kept secrets but is now a go-to product for women everywhere.  Unlike a self-tanner, Body Bronzer washes off in the shower. So, if you've tried self-tanners in the past and were left with an undesirable streak or color, you don't need to worry. Applied like a lotion, this bronzer dries in minutes, leaving you looking naturally radiant and ready for summer. The scent is light and lovely, which won't interfere with your favorite perfume. The formulation is extremely moisturizing and is infused with antioxidants to keep your skin healthy all summer long. If you have any concerns like leg veins or scars, you can apply a little more for extra coverage. 

Get Rid of Purse Clutter

A few years ago at a bachelorette party, we played a purse game where we had to scavenge around for miscellaneous items like pens, bobby pins, etc. There really wasn't anything my group of friends and I didn't find. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say a woman's bag really has her life's contents in it. After all, you don't know when you're going to need that bandaid or breath mint. However, every now and then it's a good idea to give your purse a spring cleaning. Not everything has to go, but not everything should stay, especially when it comes to your beauty arsenal. 

If you start your day with by using a great primer and foundation, then you really shouldn't need to lug those items around in your purse. However, you should definitely carry your favorite touch-up powder along with you. Too Faced's Amazing Face Powder Foundation is a great option because it can go from sheer to full coverage, depending on what you need. If you want to keep your purse even lighter, try Palladio Rice Papers to blot away excess oil and give your skin a light dusting of powder to refresh your makeup. 

Earth-Friendly Skincare Lines

With the celebration of Earth Day this week, we're reminded of all the contributions we can make to better our environment and preserve the beautiful Earth we live in. Planet Beauty recently went green by eliminating paper waste and offering employees electronic access to pay stubs. Every little change makes a big difference and as a company, we're committed to any change that benefits the planet. To commemorate Earth Day, we invite you to check out some of our well-loved skincare lines who strive for change on a daily basis. 

Tata Harper Skincare: Not only is her skincare line 100% Natural & Non-Toxic, but all her products are produced and packaged right on her Vermont farm. This helps guarantee the quality of all ingredients and extensive research is conducted to continue improving the line. Tata Harper utilizes renewable energy to run their business, while using recyclable paper, glass and packaging materials for their products. This year, Tata Harper is partnering up with Maiyet and the non-profit organization Nest to raise money for Nest's Edible Garden Initiative, which will help the silk-weaving community of Varanasi, India. 

Travel Must-Haves

Planning for summer vacations can entail quite a bit of planning. Between finding airline tickets, hotel deals and things to do on your trip, there can be a lot to consider and plan for. If you're anything like me when it comes to traveling, then you'll understand the stress behind what beauty products to take or leave behind. Whether you're off to Europe this summer or just heading on a road trip down the coast, Planet Beauty has your travel must-haves to keep you sane and looking beautiful. 

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo: If you haven't heard of the Lay-n-Go cosmetic bag, then you're missing out on one of the best travel accessories for women on the go. The Lay-n-Go Cosmo holds all your beauty products neatly, while laying flat when needed for easy access. I personally dislike digging through my makeup bag while traveling. The Cosmo not only helps you stay organized, but is easy to clean, as well. This innovative bag is going to make your travels much more pleasant. 

X5 Superlite Travel Dryer: Let's face it. Hotel dryers just don't cut it sometimes. If you absolutely can't style your hair without a dryer, this travel-sized X5 will be your lifesaver. At only 0.56 lbs, this dryer folds in half for easy storage. Tourmaline and Ionic Ceramic technology gives your hair a beautiful shine, while eliminating frizz. It also includes a concentrator nozzle for round-brushing. 

Sun-Parched Hair Repair

When it's 90 degrees in April, you know you're in California. Our seasons fluctuate between warm and warmer, with an occasional rainy day here and there. When a heat wave hits SoCal, people flock to two places for relief: the beach and pool. Doing this has its pros, but there are also cons to spending extra time in the sun. Sure, a tan looks good on the outside, but we know that a tan is just a nice-looking sun burn. One part we often forget about when hitting the waves or going for a swim is our hair. The sun and chlorine are just two of many culprits that cause drying and dullness to our gorgeous locks.

Rene Furterer has a line designed for anyone planning to spend extra time at the beach or pool that will keep hair healthy through the summer months.

To nourish hair, the Protective Summer Oil is perfect. Sesame oil helps block ultraviolet rays while offering hair much needed nutrition. Ricinus Oil repairs and also works as a sun block. Keratin in the hair is protected up to 90%, preventing salt and chlorine to penetrate hair. The sweet scent of grapefruit, coconut, jasmine and apricot will instantly invigorate your senses and put you in a vacation state of mind. 

For moisture, Rene also offers Protective Summer Fluid, a non-oily leave-in that helps hydrate dry hair and also acts as a great leave-in for Keratin treatment clients. Sunscreens also help to block out ultraviolet rays for added protection.

Radiant Orchid Inspiration!

Radiant Orchid is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014 and Planet Beauty is here to help you find your purple-hued inspiration! If you haven't experimented with a new color lately, I invite you to embrace change and try something fresh just in time for Easter! 

Butter London recently paid homage to Radiant Orchid with it's gorgeous Molly Coddled Nail Laquer. This color looks completely gorgeous on any skin tone, and can even be used to create fun Easter-inspired manicures. OPI's Do You Lilac It and Lucky Lucky Lavender are also two customer favorites that are sure to sell out quickly. If you're feeling like trying a deeper shade of purple, then Ciate's Cabaret is the perfect polish for you. Plus, who can resist their adorable paint pots? If you're interested in sharing this trend with friends, consider Ciate the perfect gift from the Easter bunny!


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