Why Layrite Does It Right

The revival of the traditional barber shop has taken over Southern California and Layrite's been on the forefront of this very exciting trend. More and more guys seem to be ditching baseball caps and gels for  polished haircuts and pomade for styling. Layrite continues to be the #1 selling pomade at Planet Beauty and has become synonymous with stylish. My Massachusetts-born boyfriend recently became a Layrite convert, ditching his worn-out Sox hat for a professional, debonair style. Within a month of trying it, he was already asking me to get him more. I decided to get in touch with Vice President Mike Clem so I could find out first-hand what makes Layrite the go-to pomade for men. 

What separates Layrite from other pomade companies?

Many things - most importantly, Layrite was started by a barber, with barbers and hair professionals in mind. All of Layrite Grooming Products are water-based; they are fully removable from the hair by simply rinsing with water.  This allows your customers to come to the salon/barber shop with clean hair that is ready to to be cut and styled. Another REAL distinguishing factor is that all of our products have VERY high performance.  What most brands call "high hold" we consider to be a lighter hold.  Because of this high level of performance, you can style the hair with slightly damp hair, which would reduce performance with most brands. However, Layrite still maintains a high level of performance.

What do you feel has been Layrite's key to success?

Now at Planet Beauty: Suavecito!

Suavecito has arrived at Planet Beauty and we couldn't be excited. A local company based out of Santa Ana, California, Suavecito has helped reinvent the grooming product industry, bringing its customers quality products at an affordable price. While their strong commitment to providing result-oriented grooming products plays a huge role in their popularity, it is their passion and love for the cultural values of their fans that has made them successful. Suavecito believes strongly in building and keeping relationships with their fan base. You can find them on the weekends visiting custom car and motorcycle shows as well as tattoo and barbering events. For this local company, it's not just about selling products. It's about a devotion to a culture, as well as the people who love and live for that culture.

How to get amazing soccer player hair

Guys, if you're following the World Cup closely, then I'm sure you know the name of every single player on the US Men's Soccer Team. While ESPN focuses on the athleticism and competitiveness of the players, the beauty world can't help but to notice their good looks and amazing hair. Some of the soccer players we've seen could easily pass for models. If your wife or girlfriend is suddenly interested in soccer, it might be for a few more reasons than the game itself. If you're looking to try a different style, maybe one of your favorite players can inspire you.

Graham Zusi looks like: The Long-Haired Rockstar 

Whether Zusi is wearing his hair down, in a pony, or sporting a headband, he looks like the kind of guy you'd see with a guitar playing at the local bar. His wavy locks are the perfect length for his on and off facial hair. He somehow manages to look like a GQ model AND the kind of guy you'd see riding a motorcycle down PCH. 

Get his look: Apply American Crew's Light Hold Gel on towel-dried hair. Run fingers through hair to comb gel through and define your waves. Once hair is air dried, apply a small amount of American Crew's Light Hold Texture Lotion for natural separation. 

Mix Diskerud looks like: A Poet

Mix looks like the kind of guy you'd see reading at the local bookstore. His hair is long like Zusi's except he's got some serious curl happening at the ends. While having any type of texture can be a challenge for some guys, Mix manages to pull off a seamless style. His hair just seems to fall naturally perfect, with all his curls just spun nicely at the ends.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is less than two weeks away and we know how hard it can be to shop for dad. Before you pick up that gift card or new lawn mower (trust us, he probably doesn't want a gift associated with house chores) take a look at our top picks for dad!

1. The Art of Shaving Soap with Wooden Bowl: If dad is slightly traditional, he'll appreciate this moisturizing bar of soap to get an old-school wet shave. Glycerin and coconut oil keep skin smooth and protected for a comfortable, close shave. Choose from Lavender, Lemon or Sandalwood fragrance. It also comes in an unscented option. Check out other gift ideas from The Art of Shaving on our website.

2. Wahl Designer Professional Clipper: Always a top-seller at Planet Beauty, this clipper is perfect for the savvy dad who doesn't want to spend money visiting a barber every two or three weeks. A light-weight design, the Designer cuts wet or dry hair and offers six attachment combs for a customized style. If dad seems to be buying a new clipper every year, it may be time to invest in a higher quality one.

Essential Buys for Every Guy

Beauty isn't just for women. More men seem to be interested in trying a different hairstyle, playing with facial hair and taking care of their skin, too. Caring a little extra about appearance isn't anything to be ashamed of. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, David Beckham and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all know a thing or two about being stylish from head to toe. It's no surprise that ladies go crazy for them. Who doesn't admire a guy who puts his best foot forward, too? If you need a little inspiration, check out our top 5 must-haves products for every guy.

1. A Go-To Styling Product: Every guy needs his go-to hair product. Whether it's a gel, pomade or wax, choose something that you find easy to use. If you want a polished, professional look, American Crew's Fiber is always a favorite. It has a high hold with low shine and helps to texturize hair, giving it some fullness. For a stronger, matte finish, Enjoy's Dry Wax is always a top-seller among guys. If you want to recreate a classy, polished look like Brad Pitt at the Oscars this year, Layrite's Original Pomade will do the trick. We know there are tons of products to choose from, so experiment until you find something you love.

Scrub a Dub Dub!

We talk about exfoliation, how often you should do it, chemical exfoliation versus manual exfoliation, and which ones are best for certain skin types.  But all that is mumbo jumbo unless you know what the words mean!  Well, beauties, here’s your guide to decoding the wonderful world of exfoliation!

So what exactly is exfoliating?  You wash your face, moisturize, occasionally throw in a serum or an eye cream– what more do you need?  Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Why bother? After skin cells form, they trek through the epidermis toward the top layer — drying out and dying along the way. Ick. When cells reach the surface, they build up, making your skin look thick, rough and lifeless. Beauties over 30 years old are more prone to cell buildup, because natural cell turnover tends to slow as we age. Exfoliation takes care of this buildup, replacing the dead cells on the surface of your skin with fresher, healthier cells.  Ever see people who seem to have glowing skin? I’ll bet you they exfoliate.  Regularly. 

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