Smashbox's Newest Collection Has Arrived

Smashbox has launched new products that are going to elevate your cheek, lash and eye game. Just in time for spring and perfect for summer, you may need to free up some space in your makeup bag for this newest collection of must-haves.

This season, Smashbox has improved the way you apply mascara. The new Photo Finish Lash Primer is everything you need for perfectly volumized lashes. It not only primes and volumizes your lashes before mascara, but conditions them with each use to prevent unwanted smudging and flaking. A newly improved brush comes with two sides so you can separate and coat each lash.


When it comes to mascara, one wand does not fit all. If you’re a mascara junkie, then you’re going to love the newest options from Smashbox. While Full Exposure might be your go-to mascara, you have to check out the new X-Rated and Indecent Exposure mascara wands. For unstoppable, buildable volume, you’ll want to try out the X-Rated Mascara. Tripod Fibers in the formula wrap around each individual lash for unfiltered, sexy volume. Just a few quick applications and you’ll get fuller lashes instantly.


If you’re looking to lengthen and define your lashes, the Indecent Exposure mascara is exactly what you need. Wavelength Fibers in the formula grab on to your lashes to add length with each stroke of mascara. The brush is designed with micro bristles to define the inner and bottom lashes, as well.

We Can't Wait To Show You Our May Beauty Picks

Our chosen products for May are here and I guarantee both of them are never going to leave your makeup bag. Whether you’re a little more on the practical side when it comes to beauty or you’re looking for the next hottest product to try, you’ll love our featured products of the month.

When it comes to our sunscreen, we’re always being told to re-apply it for the best possible protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Since so many sunscreens come in lotion form, this isn’t really ideal for anyone who wears face makeup on a daily basis. Luckily, some beauty brands have caught on to this dilemma and have created sunscreen in a powder form, making it easier to re-apply. One of these brands is Colorscience and this month, we’re featuring their best-selling Sunforgettable Brush On Sunscreen SPF 50.  An In Style Beauty Winner, this chemical- free sunscreen contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, offering you broad spectrum protection. This lightweight powder sunscreen comes in a universal medium shade that flatters everyone.  Makeup wearers can simply use this over their foundation and touch up throughout the day as needed. Anyone who’s athletic will love how sheer this feels, leaving a matte finish that looks natural on the skin. Waterproof for up to 80 minutes, you’ll be good to go for over an hour when you’re outdoors. Packaged in a convenient, travel-friendly tube, you can easily carry one in your makeup bag and leave one in your car to brush over your hands when you’re driving.


Six Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Makeup Game

With the ever-growing popularity of social media, the world of makeup artistry has seen a huge amount of interest blossom in the last couple of years.  Trends are being shared left and right, from different looks to artist techniques and even makeup tools. For someone just beginning to dive into the colorful world of makeup, finding the right tools can really make a difference in your level of confidence. We’ve narrowed down our favorite makeup tools that are not only easy to use, but will really improve your everyday makeup game. These fool-proof beauty tools are must-haves for anyone who loves makeup.

1. beauty.blender liner designer:  By now, you’ve hopefully discovered the beauty.blender original blender sponge. If not, you must own one immediately! The liner designer is the newest tool from this amazing brand and it’s going to change the way you approach the cat eye. If you’ve been struggling with getting that perfect winged eyeliner, then you need this wonderful little sponge. Made to softly contour along your skin, the unique guitar-pick shape allows you to draw a perfect wing on the first try. Three different edges (curvy, straight and short round) give you versatility to create a variety of looks.


Got Curls? This is a Must-Read!

Anyone with curls knows the struggle of achieving a good hair day. Between battling frizz, managing dryness and maintaining healthy-looking shine, some days, it’s just easier to call it a day and toss it up in a bun. If your biggest daily challenge is controlling your curls, then check out some tried and true tips to get your best hair day yet.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely: Curls require a little extra love and attention, so make sure you look for shampoos and conditioners that will help bring out the best of your curls. Plenty of great brands now make specific shampoos and conditioners catered to curls, but there are also entire lines dedicated to curly-haired babes like Ouidad and Deva Curl Concepts. Since curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types, a solid moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can also do the trick.

Trim often and trim it dry: We curly-haired gals know how quickly our ends can look stringy and dry. Maintain healthy-looking ends by visiting your salon every 6 weeks for a trim. Since curly hair can be deceivingly long when it’s wet, make sure you’re asking for dry trims and cuts so that you don’t walk out of the salon looking like Little Orphan Annie.

Detangle wisely: Yes, curly hair can get quite tangled, therefore, you should always make sure you detangle as much of it as possible while you have conditioner in your hair. Invest in a wide tooth comb or use your fingers to run your conditioner through your hair. If your hair is particularly prone to tangling, make sure you don’t skip out on leave-in conditioner. Applying your leave-in before you come out of the shower will help keep your curls soft and manageable.

4 Nochella Beauty Party Ideas To Try This Weekend

If you’re feeling bummed about missing out on Coachella, then invite your friends over this weekend for a Nochella Pamper Party! Sure, watching live bands out in the desert is fun, but you can still stream some of the shows from the comfort of your couch while you party with your friends. This weekend, call your girls, drink some wine and indulge in some of our favorite pampering ideas!

Create a facial station: Set your table up with a few bowls, small towels, disposable spatulas or facial brushes and your favorite mask. Have a few handheld mirrors handy, too. Give your girls the treat of a multi-purpose mask like GLAMGLOW’S Youthmud. You’ll get all the benefits of a mask and the power of a little exfoliation, as well. If you’re looking for less mess and stress, you can also opt for sheet masks. Tony Moly has a wonderful variety of masks to choose from and they’re budget-friendly, too.

Put together a nail station: You’ll want a few small bowls, nail polish remover, Q-tips, cotton pads, cuticle oil, hand cream and of course, an assortment of nail polish to choose from. You can also make this a bring-your-own-polish party if your friends are particular about their shades. If you really want to shake things up, make it a nail art party and get a little artsy with your manicures. For some inspiration, visit Essie’s nail looks page.


Products You'll Love Past Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we're inviting you to try some of our earth-friendly beauty products. We guarantee you'll love these products so much, they'll become a part of your regular beauty staple. If you're looking to go a little more green this week, then you have to try some of these wonderful products.

1. Rahua Shampoo: Featured in Bazaar and Marie Claire Magazines, Rahua shampoo is worth all the buzz. 100% natural and organic, this low-lather shampoo is great for all hair types, using Coconut and Shea Butter Betaines to gently cleanse the hair without stripping it from healthy nutrients. Quinoa and Rahua Oil nourish the scalp and hair, restoring softness and strength to damage hair. The amazing scent of Palo Santo gives you a spa experience with every shampoo.

2. Ren Clean Skincare Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm: Made with 100% planet and mineral actives, this two-in-one cleansing balm works perfectly to remove makeup and impurities from your skin without drying you out. A wonderful, therapeutic experience, you'll love using this balm to remove your makeup each night. An added bonus? This cleansing balm also conditions your lashes and brows with each use.

3. Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser: Come summer, you'll love having this cleanser in your regimen. A blend of foaming sugars, Purple Clay, Fennel and Broccoli Extract give you an invigorating experience with each use. Broccoli extract works to remove toxins and impurities from the skin, while purple clay promotes cell renewal and protects the skin. Fennel pushes toxins away from the skin for a refreshing, cool finish. 


One Stylist's Secret to a great blow-out

Being a hair stylist isn't easy, especially when it comes to finding a combination of products that work for a good variety of clients. Stylists go through trial and error, creating cocktail potions of products for the right hold and feel. Our own stylist Sherry, has recently discovered one system of products that's worked well for giving her clients beautiful blowouts with ease, regardless of hair type. 

Every great blowout starts with a good shampoo and condition. For volume that is still soft and touchable, Sherry begins her routine with Ava Haircare's Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. A sulfate-free shampoo, this high-foaming, creamy shampoo gets the hair clean without adding unnecessary weight or tackiness to hair. Conditioning polymers help enhance fullness and luster, leaving the hair soft and more manageable. The Ava Volume Conditioner is lightweight, as well, conditioning hair without making it feel heavy. An ultra-light silicone conditioner helps protect the hair against heat while reducing blow dry time. The best part about this silicone is that it doesn't build up or leave residue behind. For clients with sensitivities, this paraben-free line eliminates worry of harmful ingredients. 


Pictured: Hair Stylist Sherry Nabavi 

Must-Have Spring Break Essentials!

It's Spring Break and we're bringing you must-have beauty essentials to keep you looking gorgeous on your chosen getaway! Before you finish packing your bags, stop by your local Planet Beauty and pick up some of these Spring Break favorites!

1. St. Tropez Self-Tanning Bronzing Mist: Save yourself the risk of UVA and UVB exposure and get your spring break glow from St. Tropez, instead. This lightweight spray delivers a fine mist for an even, beautiful tan that will look like you laid out all day. Conditioning aloe keeps your skin soft and moisturized. The scent is also light, so no one will notice your lovely tan came from a bottle. Before you apply, make sure you thoroughly exfoliate your skin to avoid any dry patches. 

2. Coola SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer: Don't even think about packing a bag without sunscreen! This spring break essential will keep you protected from harmful free radicals and damaging rays. Coola isn't your typical sunscreen, though. This moisturizer is made with 70% Certified Organice inactive ingredients. Vitamins B, C and E give your skin optimal antioxidant protection. Organic Evening Primrose and Linseed Oils help balance the moisture in your skin and keep inflammation at bay. This hypoallergenic, paraben and Oxybenzone-free moisturizer is sure to become your favorite go-to sunscreen all year long.


Get Healthier Hair with These Scalp Treatments

Having a healthy scalp is vital to growing healthy hair, so it's important to show it frequent love and care as part of our beauty routine. We go to great lengths to keep our strands healthy by keeping it cleansed, moisturized and protected against heat and damage, but showing the same diligence with our scalp can make a big difference in the health of your hair. The next time you stop in at your local Planet Beauty, check out these rejuvenating treatments for your scalp.

1. Alterna Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Facial: If you're dedicated when it comes to your facials, then why not take it to another level and give your scalp a facial, too? This highly-rated customer favorite from Alterna helps relieve scalp dryness and replenish moisture for a balanced, healthy scalp. Exfoliating microbeads get worked into the scalp with the bristle applicator to remove impurities and give the scalp a clean slate.


2. Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask: Anyone experiencing thinning or hair loss will benefit from this exfoliating follicle mask designed to clear sebum from the scalp and help thicken the hair shafts. Vicia Faba Seed Extract works to strengthen the hair and promote fullness and body. Apricot Seed Powder exfoliates dead skin from the scalp while Biotinoyl Tripeptide 1 helps block DHT, which is important in aiding with hair loss. Use prior to shampooing for the best results.


Getting married? Check out our Bridal Beauty Checklist

It’s the start of wedding season and if you’ve recently gotten engaged, then you know how much work goes into planning. With endless appointments for venues, catering, music and of course—the dress, wedding planning can be a tad stressful. Having a beauty checklist for your big day can help ease some of the stress to make sure you look your best and have one less thing to worry about.

1. Keep your hair trimmed: Even if you plan on wearing an updo for your wedding day, you don’t want to risk having dry, split ends making your hair look frayed and unhealthy. Visit your salon every 6-8 weeks and get those ends trimmed. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, this will help the process along, too. Ask your stylist about hair treatments that will help your hair look its best.

2. Leave your brows to the professionals:  For the next year, months or weeks, put the tweezers down and leave your brows to a trusted professional. We have all committed eyebrow mistakes and the last thing you need in your life is a little “oops” days before your wedding.  Also, if you plan to try a new method of hair removal, do it weeks in advance in case it doesn’t agree with your delicate skin. No need for redness or breakouts on your big day.


Photo courtesy of Kate Somerville Skincare via Facebook

3. Keep consistent nail appointments: This one’s mainly for your own relaxation, but it’s also good to have someone professional watching out for your nails, cuticles and unwanted calluses. You don’t want to run off to your honeymoon with rough feet, right?

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