A Fool-Proof Guide to Beautiful Insta-brows

Beauty trends come and go, but the interest in brows is still as popular as ever. Our brows set the tone for the rest of our face and can either enhance (if they’re done well) or distract (if they’re done poorly) from our entire makeup look. Any makeup artist will tell you the secret to beautiful brows every time is having the right tools handy, good product and lots and lots of practice. Even if you’ve fallen victim to over-tweezing, there isn’t a brow problem that can’t be handled with a little magic of makeup. We narrowed down our five favorite products to master the Insta-brow each and every time. If you’re looking to perfect your eyebrow game, do yourself a favor and check out our must-have products!


Products featured:

Get Your Brow Game On Before The Year Ends

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a good set of eyebrows. Trust me, I've been in a never-ending battle with mine since the mid-90s. Whether it's over-tweezing, over-shading or simply butchering your brows all together, it's time to take back some control, ladies. As we get through the final month of 2015, I invite you to get the best brows of your life and steer away from common mistakes that are causing you major brow damage. 

If you're always reaching for that magnified mirror to tweeze unwanted brow hair, then chances are, you've over-tweezed on more than one occasion. I realize it's not always easy to see what you're doing with a regular mirror, but that's why you should alternate. Stand in front of a regular mirror so you can best visualize where it is you want to remove hair. Once you've determined what hair needs to go, hold the tweezer by that hair and then grab your magnified mirror. While this might take an extra minute or two, it will prevent you from going to town on your brows. Remember, a magnified mirror makes everything look exaggerated, including your brow hair. 

To best remedy over-tweezed hair, use a brow treatment ASAP to get that hair growing back. RevitaBrow Advanced is great to have handy and can be used daily to strengthen and condition your eyebrows. BioPeptin Complex contains Biotin and a Green Tea Extract to strengthen brows and avoid brittleness and breakage. Use on a frequent basis for natural, healthier brows.

New from Anastasia--Tamanna Palette

Anyone who walks into Planet Beauty looking to perfect their brows is familiar with Anastasia cosmetics. Anastasia has become the the go-to cosmetic line for eyebrow perfectionists everywhere. However, Anastasia is more than just brows. This month, their Tamanna palette arrived at Planet Beauty and the colors are stunning. If you follow Anastasia on Instagram, then you know how important eyes are in creating an entire look. Whether your eyes are brown, hazel or blue, you'll be able to create some amazing looks with this palette. 

This beautiful palette was created in collaboration with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan, better known on Instagram as @dressyourface. With her growing popularity on Instagram, it only seemed appropriate to create a palette that gave her followers the best shades for replicating some of her most requested looks. This palette is offers both warm and cool tones, designed to look amazing on any skin tone. Anyone looking for high pigmented shadows will love this palette for create smokey eyes and well-defined creases. 

A beauty tip: Don't leave without trying Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade and Highlighting Duo Pencil for flawless, beautiful brows. With the holidays just around the corner, you'll want the waterproof security of the Dipbrow Pomade and the brightening power of the Highlighting pencil. 

Your Brows New Bestie: Anastasia!

What frames your face better than eyebrows?  Um, nothing.  Eyebrows are crucial– so whether yours are perfectly shaped and arched or the victim of some at home waxing, your brows are the first thing people see.  Luckily, there’s an amazing brow company that has all the tools, stencils, pens, and tweezers you need to create the perfect arch– instead of those ratchet caterpillars you’ve been rocking.  Say hello to an extremely well known makeup company– Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Say it with me: AH-na-STAH-see-yah. Very good!  Now, let’s talk brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ mission is to recreate the professional beautyexperience in your very own makeup mirror. Their product philosophy is to create products that bring balance and proportion to help women enhance their natural beauty, using something Anastasia learned called “The Golden Ratio.” The Golden Ratio in itself represents balance and proportion, and Anastasia was the first to apply this principle to one of the most prominent features on the human face, brows. Her trademarked “Golden Ratio” technique creates balance in the entire face using the eyebrows as the starting point. Ideally, the face can be sectioned into thirds.  Furthering this idea of balance, the ideal face shape is said to be 2/3 as wide as it is long, and symmetrical on both sides.

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