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Get the Perfect Contour with Frankie Rose Cosmetics!


These days, there are so many products and techniques to help you achieve the perfect contour--from foundation to concealer sticks and bronzing powders, mastering the art can take a little bit of guesswork. If you’ve just about given up on the contouring trend out of frustration, then you haven’t tried the Pro Contour Palette from Frankie Rose Cosmetics. This beautifully pigmented and easy to use palette is making contouring so much easier. Whether you’re a novice or a master of makeup, this is one palette you’re gonna love.




The first step to achieving a perfect contour is prepping your face. Apply a small amount of Frankie Rose’s Prime Addiction and let it set for a minute or two. Using a beauty.blender sponge, apply your favorite Frankie Rose foundation and go back to cover any blemishes with your favorite Frankie Rose concealer. Once you’re done prepping your face, it’s time to get that Instagram-worthy contour!

Six Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Makeup Game

With the ever-growing popularity of social media, the world of makeup artistry has seen a huge amount of interest blossom in the last couple of years.  Trends are being shared left and right, from different looks to artist techniques and even makeup tools. For someone just beginning to dive into the colorful world of makeup, finding the right tools can really make a difference in your level of confidence. We’ve narrowed down our favorite makeup tools that are not only easy to use, but will really improve your everyday makeup game. These fool-proof beauty tools are must-haves for anyone who loves makeup.

1. beauty.blender liner designer:  By now, you’ve hopefully discovered the beauty.blender original blender sponge. If not, you must own one immediately! The liner designer is the newest tool from this amazing brand and it’s going to change the way you approach the cat eye. If you’ve been struggling with getting that perfect winged eyeliner, then you need this wonderful little sponge. Made to softly contour along your skin, the unique guitar-pick shape allows you to draw a perfect wing on the first try. Three different edges (curvy, straight and short round) give you versatility to create a variety of looks.


Get Through December With Our Monthly Beauty Picks

December is finally here and so are our beauty picks for the month! As always, our beauty picks are chosen carefully to make your month a little brighter and help you fall in love with something new. Since Christmas is just weeks away, our beauty picks will also make great gifts for your loved ones.

With the weather cooling down and winds picking up, keeping your hair healthy and shiny can be quite the challenge. Between warmer showers and using hot styling tools, the moisture in our hair can become quickly depleted. To avoid brittle, dry strands this winter, we suggest you try the Aquis hair towels and turbans. Oftentimes, little things we do can cause serious damage to our hair, especially when it's wet. Since it's at its most vulnerable state, it's important to treat it as gently as possible. Aquis towels are made with state of the art microfiber that is soft and delicate on your hair. The fibers in Aquis towels and turbans are fine and weaved in a special design that acts as a channel for water. This technology draws the water away from your hair unlike a regular towel that sits heavily on your head. This allows your hair to dry a lot faster and create less friction that can cause tangles and frizz. Since the excess water in your hair will be absorbed, you'll find yourself spending less time drying it with heat. If you're tired of dealing with damaged, dry hair, then you need an Aquis towel in your bathroom. For even better results, use a leave in conditioner and a Wet Brush for gentle detangling.

Come to our Gorgeous Mixer!

Ladies, if you're looking for a fun way to spend a Friday evening, then head on down to our newest location in Costa Mesa for a Holiday Makeup Mixer. Gorgeous Cosmetics and beautyblender is teaming up to show you how to look totally fabulous just in time for Christmas and New Year's Eve. This will be a great event for makeup beginners or anyone looking to spruce up their skills.

Anyone who makes a purchase of $50 or more in Gorgeous Cosmetics or beautyblender products will receive a complimentary contour lesson, a Gorgeous makeover with an expert makeup artist and a free gift. If you've been seeing the newest beautyblender but haven't tried it yet, this is the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on approach with this amazing little sponge. An Allure Beauty winner, this sponge is continuing to get buzz among makeup artists for its versatility and fool-proof usage. If you also still haven't had a chance to try any of the Gorgeous Cosmetic line, this is a great chance to get one on one time with an expert and ask for tailored advice.

The event will take place today from 12-5 PM, so I encourage you to book an appointment and get some of the special ladies in your life to book an appointment, as well. There are a few seats left and the gifts will be totally worth it. Take a break from the craziness of holiday shopping and make some time for a little pampering. This is one event that can't be missed.


PB MUA Inspiration for Halloween

Halloween is this Friday and if you're still scrambling for some inspiration, some of our talented makeup artists are ready to help! From creepy to gorgeous looks, Planet Beauty's makeup artists can tackle it all with their creative hunger and awesome skill. Check out some of the looks these amazing artists were able to create with some of their everyday makeup at home. 

Jessica is a self-taught makeup artist who enjoys experimenting with color and helping clients find their cosmetic comfort zone, while enhancing their natural beauty. She's been with Planet Beauty for about 7 years and recently became a makeup lead. This year, Jessica decided to do her take on a creepy, broken doll. To create this look, she used the jane iredale white pencil, Smashbox's blush in Radiance, Smashbox's Limitless Liquid Liner, Too Faced's No Makeup Makeup, Too Faced's eye shadows, Anastasia Duo Brow Powder, Eylure Lashes and of course, Beauty Blender in both original and micro mini. Her advice for capturing the perfect doll look? Play up your eyes and cheeks! 


The Great Debate

When it comes to makeup, there’s no one right or wrong way to apply it.  Most makeup artists will use some kind of tool for application, but ultimately, however you feel comfortable is the best way to apply.  Some beauties reach for a brush to apply foundation, some ladies prefer sponges, and some lovelies swear by using their fingers.  So, which is best for you? Read on and learn more about this hotly debated topic!

Ok, you apply your foundation with your fingers.  It’s not all bad, some beauties claim they get better, more even coverage by blending with their digits. However, there are downsides as well.  On your fingers, you have all kinds of oils and bacteria.  If you have an oily or combination complexion, and have issues with a shiny t-zone, touching your your face is a major oh no-no.  These oils and germs will transfer to your face, not only contributing to a shiny complexion, but it can also cause breakouts.  The blending may be easier, but the coverage is much more sheer.  And then there’s the whole “I have makeup all over my hands” thing. The verdict: good for a touch up on the fly, but use a tool to do the heavy lifting.

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