Top 5 Self-Tanning Products for Summer

If you're ready to bring out your favorite summer dresses and sandals but need some serious tanning, take a look at our favorite picks for the season! From spray formulas to traditional lotions, Planet Beauty is here to help you find your perfect match. 

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: Get an instant bronze with this conditioning foam tanner. Infused with aloe, this easy-to-apply self-tanner is extremely lightweight, making every application quick and streak-free. Watch your arms and legs transform instantly without the bothersome scent of self-tanner. It dries in only a minute, so it's perfect for our beach babes on the go. This mousse is just one of many products available from St. Tropez, but it is always a favorite among Planet Beauty advisors. 

2. Rodial Brazilian Tan DARK: This gel formula gives you a beautiful, deep tan while moisturizing skin with shea butter. The caramel-infused formula gives you the perfect bronzed color and glow. Natural gardenia fragrance gives your skin a fresh summer scent so no one will suspect your tan is from a bottle. If you love Rodial, they also have a self-tanning spray we love.

Travel Must-Haves

Planning for summer vacations can entail quite a bit of planning. Between finding airline tickets, hotel deals and things to do on your trip, there can be a lot to consider and plan for. If you're anything like me when it comes to traveling, then you'll understand the stress behind what beauty products to take or leave behind. Whether you're off to Europe this summer or just heading on a road trip down the coast, Planet Beauty has your travel must-haves to keep you sane and looking beautiful. 

The Lay-n-Go Cosmo: If you haven't heard of the Lay-n-Go cosmetic bag, then you're missing out on one of the best travel accessories for women on the go. The Lay-n-Go Cosmo holds all your beauty products neatly, while laying flat when needed for easy access. I personally dislike digging through my makeup bag while traveling. The Cosmo not only helps you stay organized, but is easy to clean, as well. This innovative bag is going to make your travels much more pleasant. 

X5 Superlite Travel Dryer: Let's face it. Hotel dryers just don't cut it sometimes. If you absolutely can't style your hair without a dryer, this travel-sized X5 will be your lifesaver. At only 0.56 lbs, this dryer folds in half for easy storage. Tourmaline and Ionic Ceramic technology gives your hair a beautiful shine, while eliminating frizz. It also includes a concentrator nozzle for round-brushing. 

Spa Day Stay-cation!

Ah, summer vacation.  There’s nothing like packing up your bags and heading out to some exotic or favorite locale, and indulging yourself in all the wonderfully yummy or expensive things you certainly wouldn’t do at home.  Well, what if a vacation didn’t happen this summer? Or, what if you want to re-create your favorite spa day back in your own bathroom? You can look no farther than your local Planet Beauty store to stock up on all your spa favorites for a totally DIY spa day!

Scrub a Dub Dub!

We talk about exfoliation, how often you should do it, chemical exfoliation versus manual exfoliation, and which ones are best for certain skin types.  But all that is mumbo jumbo unless you know what the words mean!  Well, beauties, here’s your guide to decoding the wonderful world of exfoliation!

So what exactly is exfoliating?  You wash your face, moisturize, occasionally throw in a serum or an eye cream– what more do you need?  Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. Why bother? After skin cells form, they trek through the epidermis toward the top layer — drying out and dying along the way. Ick. When cells reach the surface, they build up, making your skin look thick, rough and lifeless. Beauties over 30 years old are more prone to cell buildup, because natural cell turnover tends to slow as we age. Exfoliation takes care of this buildup, replacing the dead cells on the surface of your skin with fresher, healthier cells.  Ever see people who seem to have glowing skin? I’ll bet you they exfoliate.  Regularly. 

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