Tips for Vixen-like Volume

Getting vixen-like volume takes a little practice, but with the right tools and styling products, you can achieve salon-quality results from home. Save expensive trips to blow out bars and check out some of our tips and tricks for big, voluptuous hair.

Consider your hair cut: Adding layers and dimension can significantly help give intense volume when you style. Women with fine hair aren't the only ones who struggle with creating volume. If your hair is too thick, it can be too heavy to get much movement. Find a style that frames your face well and don't be afraid of adding shorter layers on top. 

Prep your hair for volume in the shower: Using a volumizing shampoo is vital, especially if your hair is really fine. Using a lightweight shampoo and conditioner will minimize any heaviness and buildup, which can deter your volumizing efforts. Alterna, ColorProof, and Colure all have great volume shampoos that won't strip your hair color or dry your hair out. 

The Great Debate

When it comes to makeup, there’s no one right or wrong way to apply it.  Most makeup artists will use some kind of tool for application, but ultimately, however you feel comfortable is the best way to apply.  Some beauties reach for a brush to apply foundation, some ladies prefer sponges, and some lovelies swear by using their fingers.  So, which is best for you? Read on and learn more about this hotly debated topic!

Ok, you apply your foundation with your fingers.  It’s not all bad, some beauties claim they get better, more even coverage by blending with their digits. However, there are downsides as well.  On your fingers, you have all kinds of oils and bacteria.  If you have an oily or combination complexion, and have issues with a shiny t-zone, touching your your face is a major oh no-no.  These oils and germs will transfer to your face, not only contributing to a shiny complexion, but it can also cause breakouts.  The blending may be easier, but the coverage is much more sheer.  And then there’s the whole “I have makeup all over my hands” thing. The verdict: good for a touch up on the fly, but use a tool to do the heavy lifting.

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