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At-Home Peels with Power

If you get notifications from Groupon like I do, then you'll notice the growing popularity of medical beauty procedures being offered left and right. Chemical peels are just one of the many procedures many Americans are curious about because of their amazing results. However, considering a chemical peel requires extensive research because of the risks that can potentially arise from the procedure. It can be overwhelming and costly. With the growing interest in these types of treatments, many great skin care brands have launched their own peels that are safe to use and still produce wonderful results. I'm personally always a fan of treatments I can do in the privacy and comfort of my home. If you're looking to shake up your skincare routine, check out some of our favorite peel products.

Dr. Perricone's Blue Plasma is a non-acidic daily peel that gives you the results without any redness or irritation. This innovative product is created to remove dead skin on the surface with Bio-specific peeling. Micro-extraction helps lift surface debris to unclog and purify skin while Hydro-fusion helps restore skin's hydration. Salmon Roe enzyme and Copper improve skin's luminosity while plumping fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking radiant and healthier. Blue Plasma can be used every day for maximum results and is a no-rinse product. Follow up with one of Dr. Perricone's moisturizers. 

The Doctor is in!

When it comes to skin care, your options are endless! Suppose you are looking for something that can be aggressive with your skin care concerns, but also more on the natural side. Or, what if you want something aggressive and don’t care about what chemicals are in it?  Either way, you want something that is backed up by research and proven to work.  And what better way to see results than with skin care formulated and researched by the people we go to with our every little concern: doctors!  That’s right, dermatologists have skin care lines too, and Planet Beauty carries lines by several of the best.  This blog is dedicated to giving you and education in people who have dedicated their lives to making you beautiful!

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