5 Items Every Woman Needs in their Gym Bag

If you've ever looked inside a woman's gym bag, it probably resembles a small beauty store. It can be quite challenging trying to decide what to bring with you to a 5 AM workout. Your makeup bag is a must if you're going to the gym and straight to work, but what about everything else? Here are 5 things you should definitely always pack, especially for those early morning workouts.

1. Dry Shampoo: If you're pressed for time, you may not want to wash your shower at the gym. Having a good dry shampoo handy will save you minutes and make your second-day hair look amazing. For impeccable volume, pick up a can of Enjoy's Volumizing Dry Shampoo. 

2. Travel Dryer: If you've ever used a dryer at the gym, then you'll know that sometimes, it best to let your hair air dry. Bring your salon-quality A-game to the gym and avoid frizzy locks with a good hair dryer. The X5 SuperLite Travel dryer has Tourmaline and Ionic Ceramic Technology for gorgeous, shiny, frizz-free hair. It folds away easily, too. 

3. bkr water bottle: It's important to stay hydrated while you work out, so why not reach for a bkr bottle? It's BPA and Phthalate free and made with recyclable materials. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to hold, too. You'll love cutting back on plastic water bottles so much, you'll keep a few bottles at home and work, as well.

Enjoy Haircare Exclusively for Men

Enjoy Haircare has launched an entire line for men and we couldn't be more excited! With seven new products, there is virtually a product for every kind of guy and style preference. If you're one of the many guys whose hooked on Dry Wax and Texture Cream for years, maybe it's time for a little change. Check out what Enjoy has to offer.

All Purpose Shampoo: Guys, we know you don't mind using your wife or girlfriend's shampoo, but we also know you don't mind having something tailor-made for you. This gentle-cleansing and pH balanced shampoo is great for removing product buildup and dirt. Give your hair some moisturizing benefits while you prep it for ultimate texture.

Build Up Remover: If you're a guy who goes a little heavy on the hair product, you will definitely need this clarifying treatment in your shower. No one likes the feeling of grime and waxiness on their hair after shampooing. Pair this spray with the All Purpose Shampoo for a deeper cleanse. If you have thicker hair, you will love this spray.


Hold: 2 Shine: 1

Watch out, surfer dudes! Get killer texture and hold your style in place with sand and clay. This low-shine styling product gives you that sexy just-got-out-of-bed-look.

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