Why You Need to Try Multi-Masking

Finding the right balance in your skincare regimen can sometimes be challenging. Many of us struggle with different problem areas that we're working to improve. For instance, I'm always looking for products that will help brighten my hyperpigmentation and control my oil. At the same time, I have patches on my skin that get dry and flaking during this time of the year. If you're in the same kind of boat and are looking for an effective solution for your skin's woes, then you have to try multi-masking. 

Multi-masking isn't anything totally new, but it's been buzzing all over social media lately. When you pay for professional facials, oftentimes, estheticians will customize a facial depending on your skin's needs. With some caution, you can now customize your own facials from home, as well. As with any beauty trend, it's important to remember that what works for someone else may not really work for you. Before you open up your cabinet and start applying any mask you already have, I suggest you take a look at the ingredients in your masks to make sure they are all compatible. One way you can avoid this is trying different masks from the same skincare line. 

PB Spotlight: Rodial!

Good day, beauties, and welcome back to another installment of beautifying tips and tricks from your favorite Blogging BeautyBuff!  This week, a spotlight on a line that’s taking Planet Beauty—and the US—by storm!  You’ve undoubtedly seen the line at your local store, and have definitely read about it on our lovely blog, but here is a whole blog dedicated to the newest European transplant to hit US shelves: UK based company Rodial!  With product ranges to target your every skin care need, Rodial is sure to become a quick favorite of Planet Beauty shoppers—it already is making waves with the Buffs who sell it!  Read on for information about this hot new line!

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum 300x296 PB Spotlight: RODIAL!

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