We Are Loving these '90s Beauty Trends!

Like style trends, beauty trends have a way of making comebacks decades later, especially when they were popular to begin with. This year, we’ve seen the ‘90s make a huge comeback both in the fashion and beauty world. From plaid and floral skater dresses to leather and denim jackets, we’re feeling quite nostalgic for the ‘90s this season. Now, if you’re someone who completely embraces comebacks, then feel free to indulge in those Doc Martens and flannel skirts you bought at the thrift shop and still haven’t worn. If you prefer to pay homage to the ‘90s in a subtler way, then check out our 3 easy steps to creating a ‘90s vibe without going overboard. 

If you’re not fond of plaid prints or clunky boots but love wearing accessories, chokers are the IT accessory of the season! One of the best things about chokers is that they come in so many varieties of colors, designs and materials. You can wear them alone or layer them and the best part is you can easily dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Planet Beauty now carries l’eminence accessories at some of our locations, so you can find a cute choker while you shop for the latest eyeshadow palette. 


The Classic Beauty Look That Will Never Go Out of Style

Some beauty trends come and go with the changing seasons, while others become permanent fixtures in our everyday beauty catalogs. These timeless trends always come in handy when you want to look your absolute best but don’t feel like getting adventurous. As we head into the holiday season, your calendar is going to quickly fill up with holiday parties and possibly, work events. Before you pull out that red lipstick that’s been sitting in your bag since last December, consider one of our favorite classic looks for the holiday season: Sleek hair, smoky eyes and nude lips. This look will not only make you look polished, but it will spare you the discomfort of wearing that dreaded red lipstick you don’t even love.  

Monochromatic Makeup Is One the Easiest Trends You Can Recreate

Sometimes, keeping up with the latest hot beauty trend can be a little silly. In a time where literally any video or photo has the potential to become viral, some beauty trends can really pick up steam online. From contouring with eating utensils to matching makeup looks to snack foods, there’s no telling what’s going to gain popularity on social media. Luckily, not all beauty trends are wacky and some are actually really easy to recreate and can be worn on a daily basis.  

One of my favorite beauty trends of the moment is monochromatic makeup. If you’re unfamiliar with the monochromatic makeup trend, it basically consists of keeping the majority (if not all) of your eye, cheek and lip makeup within the same color scheme. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it really is! I particularly love this trend during the fall and winter months because it allows you to create some warmer makeup looks that really pop. It also doesn't require any special technique or practice. All you need to do is find your personal favorite colors and have fun creating your own monochromatic looks! This is also an ideal trend for anyone who's looking to use their favorite beauty products in multiple ways (e.g., lipstick as blush, blush as eye shadow, etc).

Kiss Me Now, Kiss Me Later!

When you’re a busy woman on the go, chances are, you’ve got a full calendar on your hands. Between juggling your job, family life and social life, there’s probably little time to update and freshen up your look from location to location. Sure, you could run home and re-do your makeup if you’re going from work to a first date, but that’s just extra time you can’t be bothered with. One of the quickest ways to transform your makeup look from day to night is by simply changing up your lipstick. One of the best things about wearing lipstick is that it can make such a strong statement with little effort. On days when you’re not feeling your best, lipstick always has a way of making you look put together.  

For a fresh-looking daytime look, a soft pink pout is the way to go. Smashbox's Cognac lipstick instantly enhances the natural color of the lip while adding a beautiful glossy finish. Notice how minimizing the amount of eyeshadow draws attention to Vanessa's gorgeous smile! This particular shade of lipstick. Cognac is also a great shade for an everyday professional look or that first date you've been looking forward to. 


Planet Beauty: Your Halloween Beauty Headquarters

Halloween is almost a week away, so to get you prepped and ready for the festivities, Planet Beauty is your Halloween Headquarters! Whether you're planning a fun night out with friends, or planning a night in with scary movies, check out some of our must-haves.

You can wear false lashes all year long, but you can go a little more dramatic and fun for Halloween. This year, Ardell has their Ombre Lash Collection to give your lashes a cool, edgy color at the tips. Choose a shade to match your costume or enhance your natural eye color. For real intensity, try any of Ardell's Double Up Lashes. It's double the lash and double the fun for Halloween. Eylure also has a great variety of lashes in their Dramatic series. Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and have a spooktacular time.

This Halloween, find a lipstick you can wear through the holidays. Go with a top-selling red shade like Smashbox's Legendary or Infrared Matte. For a glossy, liquified red, go with Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in Ruby. If you're feeling the plums and berries this Halloween, Too Faced Melted Lipstick shades in Fig and Violet are sure to please. For a traditional lipstick, bareMinerals Moxie lipstick shade in Lead the Way is stunning. 

Don't leave Planet Beauty without picking up a bottle of polish. OPI's Peanuts Collection has the perfect shade of black with Who Are You Calling Bossy. Essie's Orange, It's Obvious is a great shade to have, as well. For an edgy, fun mulberry red, go with Deborah Lippmann's Bitches Brew. The name's perfect for Halloween.


Perfect Your Lip and False Lashes Look

Wearing lipstick and false lashes always elevates your look, whether you're putting together an outfit for an important interview or a wedding you're attending. Cooler weather always seems to inspire the fashionista inside of us, but sometimes, perfecting a look can be a little tricky. Many of us shy away from sporting a bold lip or rocking false lashes because we're afraid we won't be able to pull it off. Well, I'm here to tell you that you can! I myself have always been a lipgloss gal. However, I recently tried a deep violet lip stick and I actually loved it! Of course, as with anything beauty-related, it just takes a little courage and some practice. 

Smashbox has been promoting their #shapematters campaign, teaching women how to enhance the natural shape of their eyes and lips with their Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette and new Always Sharp Liners. When it comes to pulling off a bold lip, it all starts with prep. If your lips are chapped and dry, you won't be happy with the end result. To promote beautiful, healthy lips, simply exfoliate dead skin away. jane iredale's Sugar & Butter preps your pretty pout with a sugar (also edible) exfoliator on one side and a buttery, moisturizing plumper on the other end. If you have extremely dry lips, pick up a tube of jane iredale's Lip Drink. Next, try a variety of lipstick shades on. My advice? Don't try on lip shades when you're not wearing any other makeup. It's hard to see the big picture this way. Peach, nude, classic red, berry and brown shades are all hot right now, so the possibilities are endless. Check out Smashbox's videos on Youtube for achieving the perfect pucker.

Hot Lips for Humid Weather

When it's humid out, it can be hard to find the motivation to glam up. Even with the best weatherproof makeup primers and foundations, sometimes, you just don't want to feel anything on your skin. However, if you still want to look hot in humid weather, consider playing up your lips for a no-fuss way to look fabulous. 

Smashbox recently launched their Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquers that are quickly becoming fan favorites for their high-pigmented, long-wearing formulas. Ideal for lipstick users that always layer gloss on top, these non-sticky lacquers help eliminate that extra step. They stay on for a long period of time, without the annoying flaking or patchy fading. The conditioning power of Vitamin E keeps your lips moisturized and protected. With so many shades to choose from, you can pick a color for every season. If you're looking for more of a subtle pop of color, consider any of their Be Legendary Lip Glosses. They have an airy feel and glassy finish that will make your lips feel smooth and sexy without any stickiness. 

Too Faced's Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick has been flying off our shelves since they launched. Their precision tip applicators make them a summer favorite because you don't need to fuss with a liner for a beautiful application. The colors are so vibrant that all eyes will be on your pretty pout. Even on the yuckiest, humid days of the year, you will still look fabulous and the word melted will take on a new meaning.

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