Got Curls? This is a Must-Read!

Anyone with curls knows the struggle of achieving a good hair day. Between battling frizz, managing dryness and maintaining healthy-looking shine, some days, it’s just easier to call it a day and toss it up in a bun. If your biggest daily challenge is controlling your curls, then check out some tried and true tips to get your best hair day yet.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely: Curls require a little extra love and attention, so make sure you look for shampoos and conditioners that will help bring out the best of your curls. Plenty of great brands now make specific shampoos and conditioners catered to curls, but there are also entire lines dedicated to curly-haired babes like Ouidad and Deva Curl Concepts. Since curly hair tends to be drier than other hair types, a solid moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can also do the trick.

Trim often and trim it dry: We curly-haired gals know how quickly our ends can look stringy and dry. Maintain healthy-looking ends by visiting your salon every 6 weeks for a trim. Since curly hair can be deceivingly long when it’s wet, make sure you’re asking for dry trims and cuts so that you don’t walk out of the salon looking like Little Orphan Annie.

Detangle wisely: Yes, curly hair can get quite tangled, therefore, you should always make sure you detangle as much of it as possible while you have conditioner in your hair. Invest in a wide tooth comb or use your fingers to run your conditioner through your hair. If your hair is particularly prone to tangling, make sure you don’t skip out on leave-in conditioner. Applying your leave-in before you come out of the shower will help keep your curls soft and manageable.

Curls Just Wanna Have Fun!

All curls are unique and beautiful. Some curls are big and bouncy. Some curls are tight and skinny. Other curls are a little more on the wavy side. One thing's for sure, though. A curl's biggest friend or foe is weather. Those of us who were born with these spiral sensations know how much climate and weather can be a factor to how our curls react. Since we can't control whether it's sunny or rainy, then it's up to us to find that perfect product to keep our tresses looking fabulous.

Beat the Heat with PB!

Even though the summer is winding down, the heat wave is still on! While sweltering temps are great for going to the beach, humidity can really wreck havoc on hair. If frizz is a problem for you, you’re going to LOVE this blog—it’s all about how to keep frizzies at bay and even some tips on how to make the most of your makeup when it’s wretched humid outside.  Read on, beauties, for the skinny on how to look your most beauteous—even when it’s 100 degrees outside!

For you ladies with frizzy, curly hair that gets straightened, you need something to keep your luscious locks pin straight even when the dew point is in the 80’s! Look no farther—Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity gel. A “smart” gel, formulated with heat-activated wheat protein that breathes in humidity, protects the hair shaft and prevents hair from expanding (read: getting frizzy). It’s a water-soluble formula of amino acids and vitamin A that nourish and hydrate your hair, leaving it soft, manageable and full of shine without any buildup. Even the most unruly curls are rendered calm, cool, and collected with style that will last and last.  When blow drying, to really get  your hair straight and frizz free, angle the blow dryer down and pull taut with a round brush.  Get your own at select Planet Beauty stores for $23.00.


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