Boost Up Your Volume With These Favorites

'Tis the season for bigger hair! If you're constantly in a battle with limp hair, I totally feel your pain. Getting that beautiful salon-quality volume can prove to be quite a challenge. Having the right styling tools (a good hair dryer, round brush, velcro rollers, hot rollers and curling iron) is a start, but it also comes down to having the perfect styling product. Before you walk out the door with flat strands, check out some of our favorite volume-boosting favorites.

1. Alterna Caviar Amplifying Mousse: This isn't just an ordinary styling mousse. This amplifying mousse not only gives your hair amazing volume and texture, but it actually improves your hair's moisture and elasticity. Alterna's exclusive Age-Control Complex makes this possible through ingredients like caviar extract, cytokines and the powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C. With each use, damage to your hair is significantly reduced, leaving your hair stronger and more beautiful. This mousse is ideal for round-brushing and setting with velcro rollers.

2. L'Anza Healing Volume Zero Weight Gel: A customer favorite, this weightless gel adds body, volume and texture to the finest hair without leaving it sticky and hard. The gorgeous shimmery color is derived by mica, which leaves the hair looking shiny and healthy. Since fine hair can easily be damaged with heat, this gel also contains a cactus extract for thermal protection up to 482 F. 

New Year's Eve Hairstyle Must-Haves

New Year's Eve is only days away which means it's time to find a cute holiday hairstyle for your party. From sleek ponytails to big, sexy curls, Planet Beauty has everything you need to ring in the new year in style. If you're still not even sure what you're wearing, maybe deciding what you want to do with your hair will give you some inspiration. Check out our must-have tools and styling products for a flawless hairstyle.

If you're going for big, volumized curls, you're going to need a lot of lift at the roots and the right sized curling iron. Pick up some of Big Sexy Hair's Root Boost to get height at the top. If you want touchable curls and your hair isn't too stubborn, Sebastian's Whipped Creme is the perfect mousse for bouncy, beautiful curls. Once you've prepped your hair, pick up a Hai Curling Iron. I find that an 1.25 inch barrel works well across the board, unless your hair is super short or super long. Finish your style with Alterna Caviar's Working Hairspray. One of my personal favorites, this hairspray will keep your hair in place without it looking stiff.

Tips for Vibrant Color and Healthy Hair

Coloring your hair blue, pink, red or purple can be so much fun and  look really beautiful if done correctly and maintained with love and care. I've never been brave enough to do it myself, but I get asked lots of questions from customers interested in going bold with hair color. I thought I'd go to two of our beautiful employees from our Ontario location for advice. Both Valerie and Sam are experts when it comes to keeping hair color vibrant. After all, they are not strangers to chemically-treated hair. They were kind enough to share their beautiful hair secrets with us. 

What's your go-to shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair?

Sam: My go to Shampoo/Conditioner is Pureology NanoWorks. When I first started working at Planet Beauty, my hair was so damaged and chemically cut. My manager at the time demanded I purchase Pureology Nanoworks and it has been my go-to ever since! I recommend this to anyone whose hair is over-processed. I don't use it as my daily shampoo, but anytime I bleach I make sure to use NanoWorks.

What's your secret to maintaining healthy ends?

Sam: My secret to maintaining healthy ends is using AVA Protective Hair Oil and Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends. I like to apply Ava oil mid-shaft to ends when my hair is very damp and follow up with Sealed Ends when my hair is slightly damp to almost dry. These two products are amazing and keep my hair moisturized, shiny, and smooth!

What's your go-to treatment masque?

Sam: My favorite treatment at the moment would have to be I.C.O.N Inner Home. It's such a hydrating treatment and has really helped strengthen my hair, making it more manageable for me to style.

What's your advice for anyone looking to color their hair like yours?

New From Pureology--Curl Complete

Pureology's launching six new products this month and if you have curly or wavy hair, you're in for a treat! Up until now, those of us with textured hair types have really only had the Hydrate and Precious Oil lines to rely on for beautiful, frizz-free curls and waves without compromising color. The new Curl Complete not only delivers intense moisture and nourishment but helps eliminate frizz, promote shape and give textured hair much needed shine. See what's coming to shelves near you.

If you're currently riding the low-lather trend train with your curls, you're going to love the formula for Curl Complete Shampoo. This gentle cleanser has a low lather and cleanses hair without stripping it from its much needed moisture. Infused with coconut oil and a new cleansing polymer, this shampoo is effective and contains less surfactants than the other shampoos available from Pureology. This special formulation allows the hair's natural oils to thrive, making room for bouncy, healthy hair. Follow up the conditioner to smooth the cuticle of the hair, lock in moisture and protect your hair against humidity. 

Another exciting new product that will finally give curls and waves the much needed love it deserves is the Curl Complete Moisture Melt Masque. This conditioning masque helps fight static, promote softness and bounce while improving hair fiber with curve-enhancing polymers. Coconut and Amine help condition color-treated hair for healthier feeling hair. Leave on for 2-3 minutes once or twice a week for best results.

Color-Safe Clarifying Shampoos

Do you ever feel like your favorite styling products just stop working? Do you feel like your hair just won't cooperate, no matter what you do? Does it feel heavy and stubborn? It may be time to use a good clarifying shampoo. While some of us are religious about shampooing our hair, there is still sometimes buildup that occurs from natural production of oils and the use of styling products. This is particularly common with women who have a thick head of hair. If you've never used a clarifying shampoo, it may be time to try one. Treat yourself to a clarifying shampoo once a week and consider pairing it with a great hair mask. If you're concerned about stripping your beautiful hair color, there is no need to worry. Check out four of our color-safe, sulfate-free clarifying shampoos. 

Colorproof's ClearItUp Detox Shampoo: 100% vegan, this shampoo is one of my favorites for how gentle it is. Ingredients like baking soda and Vitamins C and E help to gently cleanse and neutralize odors, removing build-up without stripping color or hair's natural moisture. This shampoo is so gentle hair that it can be used more than once a week and is ideal for athletes, swimmings or anyone with oily hair. If you're looking for an ultimate treatment, follow up with Colorproof's DeepQuench Moisture Masque. Your hair will feel incredibly healthy after. 

Hair Color Crisis?

A few years ago, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with red hair color. I had found the perfect shade of red and decided to experiment with a few highlights first. At the time, I hadn't dyed my hair in years, so I had a pretty basic shampoo in my shower. I quickly reaped the consequences when the floor of my tub looked like the Kool-Aid man had punched his way through my bathroom. My beautiful, vibrant red highlights were disappearing down the drain and I was not a happy gal. If you've ever had red hair, then I'm sure you've had a similar experience. It's painful watching your time and money just wash down the drain. Even blondes and brunettes are vulnerable to this tragic experience. Blondes have even more obstacles, like trying to keep blonde from yellowing or picking up unwanted tones. Brunettes don't have it easy, either. All hair color eventually loses its luster, but there is so much we can do in between salon visits to keep color retention at its maximum potential. 

If you have red hair and have yet to pick up Pureology's Reviving Red system, then you're missing out. The Reviving Red Shamp'oil has encapsulated lycopene which helps fight oxidation and color fading. This red-tinted shampoo will soften hair with natural oils and brighten up the pigment in your hair. Also part of this system is the conditioner, the Illuminating Caring Oil, and color-depositing treatments. 

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