AMAs Beauty Looks You Can Wear Every Day!

As a longtime beauty junkie, I’ve always looked forward to every award show on TV. I can’t help it. I love seeing all my favorite celebrities come together for a fun night of music, TV or film. I love the special performances. If someone I like wins an award and gives an acceptance speech, I get a little emotional. It’s all so magical. I’m not going to lie though, when it comes to award shows, my favorite part has and will always be the Red Carpet.

This past Sunday, the American Music Awards took place and while I normally look forward to the edgier beauty choices that music award shows tend to offer, this year, I found some of the subtler beauty looks more appealing. Sure, edgy beauty can be fun for a weekend night, but it’s also nice to find some inspiration you can try Monday through Friday. While there were so many great beauty looks from Sunday night, three ladies balanced their beauty looks perfectly: Hailee Steinfeld, Olivia Munn and Gigi Hadid.

Redken's Curvaceous Makes a Fresh Start

When it comes to wavy and curly hair, there isn’t one magic formula that works for both.  Each strand of hair is unique and requires special attention, technique and products to bring out its best bounce. Redken Haircare has been on a mission to create tailored styling systems for both curly and wavy hair types and has recently re-launched their Curvaceous line. Their new line reintroduces some favorites under exciting new packaging while expanding the line to offer more options for different hair types and needs.

Instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach to their Curvaceous shampoo, Redken now has three different options, depending on the type of curl. Whether the hair waves, curls or spirals, there is a specific shampoo that will cleanse it gently for the best possible appearance and bounce. The new Curvaceous High Foam Shampoo lathers like a regular shampoo, but doesn’t contain color and moisture stripping sulfates or parabens.  Redken’s exclusive Curl Memory Complex is formulated with shape-activating sugar crystals, moisturizing Moringa oil and a protective UV filter. Every shampoo infuses hair with lightweight moisture, which is perfect for wavy hair types that need definition and bounce without any weight.


When It Comes to Volume, Redken has New Options

There isn't one way to style your hair with volume and this spring, Redken is giving you options when it comes to achieving sexy, volumized hair. Whether you're looking for bohemian, bouncy, beach waves or volume that defies gravity, you'll be set with Redken's newest line of products.

When we think about texture, it's normal to gravitate toward the styling aspect of our hair products. Redken is now making it easier to get amazing texture with their new Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo. Gone are the days where you could only achieve good texture with second day, dirty hair. This shampoo helps boost the texture and volume in your hair by gently cleansing your strands with the help of filloxane, polymers and minerals. These combined ingredients come together to give you easy texture, body and movement. To maintain volume and bounce, the Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Conditioner conditions your hair lightly with a gel-lotion formula that won't weigh your hair down. The same combination of ingredients as the shampoo keep your hair bouncy and ready for beauty waves. 

To achieve those desired beach waves, Redken has a surprising new product that doesn't use salt to promote texture and grit. Wave Aid is a different kind of beach spray that is salt free and instead uses the power of a mineral blend to enhance texture and create waves. Use on damp hair and let air dry or use it before your curling iron for long-lasting waves and curls. 


Image credit: Redken via Facebook

Runway Hair Inspiration You Can Copy for Fall

Runway inspired hair styles that can be worn every day.

When it comes to our daily beauty routine, many of us have signature styles on standby. Whether we have a favorite eye shadow palette we use every day or a certain lipstick that never leaves our side, we rely on our favorites to keep us consistently looking great. While having a regular routine is nice, it can be a little to easy to fall into a a beauty slump. This can be particularly true when it comes to the way we style our hair. After all, no one wants a bad hair day and experimenting with hair styles can be a time-consuming. This season, break out of your slump and try a chic and simple runway-inspired style. With minimal effort, you can elevate your style and still keep your routine breezy.

Ponytails are great and single braids are classic, but why not try a style that is a a slight variation of both? This style created by Redken requires nothing more than a quick ponytail and a good amount of hair ties. Simply place elastics apart a few inches and pull out the hair a bit to create fullness. Keep this in your personal catalog for those days when you're in a hurry.

If you don't like to have your hair in the way while you work, don't just settle for throwing it up in a hasty bun. Try doing a simple updo that is both feminine and effortless like this one. Redken recommends using a curling iron to create soft waves. Then, create a loose braid, twist it and pin it down for this European-inspired hairdo. Named La Bella Donna, you won't feel like it's just another day at the office. For a bohemian touch on the weekends, pin some natural flowers near your braided bun.

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