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PB MUA Inspiration for Halloween

Halloween is this Friday and if you're still scrambling for some inspiration, some of our talented makeup artists are ready to help! From creepy to gorgeous looks, Planet Beauty's makeup artists can tackle it all with their creative hunger and awesome skill. Check out some of the looks these amazing artists were able to create with some of their everyday makeup at home. 

Jessica is a self-taught makeup artist who enjoys experimenting with color and helping clients find their cosmetic comfort zone, while enhancing their natural beauty. She's been with Planet Beauty for about 7 years and recently became a makeup lead. This year, Jessica decided to do her take on a creepy, broken doll. To create this look, she used the jane iredale white pencil, Smashbox's blush in Radiance, Smashbox's Limitless Liquid Liner, Too Faced's No Makeup Makeup, Too Faced's eye shadows, Anastasia Duo Brow Powder, Eylure Lashes and of course, Beauty Blender in both original and micro mini. Her advice for capturing the perfect doll look? Play up your eyes and cheeks! 


We're dreaming of a Too Faced Christmas

Too Faced's 2014 Christmas collection has arrived at Planet Beauty and it is absolutely magical. This year, Too Faced has taken a whole new meaning to pretty.  Get in touch with your whimsical side with this gorgeous collection. If you think it's too early to get in to the spirit of the holidays, wait until you see what Too Faced has to offer. 

La Belle Carousel: This pretty hexagon shaped box has it all--whether you're looking to give someone the ultimate beauty gift or need a few great stocking stuffers, the Belle Carousel is everything you need. It comes with three stunning sets of shadows, 2 sets of peachy blushes and bronzers and a travel sized Better than Sex Mascara. How can you go wrong with the perfect green shadow called Christmas Tree? For only $49, you'll want to pick up one of these cute little carousels for yourself. 

Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses Palette: Perfect for the woman on the go, this compact palette has everything you need for a gorgeous day. With three shadows from the top-selling Chocolate Bar Palette, you also get a matte and luminous bronzer, perfect for highlighting and contouring on the go. Finish your look with La Creme Lip Gloss in Naked Dolly. For $34 dollars, this palette is a must-buy.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

If you've never worn a lot of makeup and you're just starting, typing in makeup under Youtube and Pinterest search engines is going to be very overwhelming. There are so many different kinds of products to choose from that you may want to give up on your search before it begins. Even though I've worked in the beauty industry for almost eight years, I'm still learning new things. So, if this whole world is a little new to you, here are some tips to save you headaches and money.

Foundation or BB Cream? When it comes to makeup, a lot of women automatically assume they need a foundation. The best thing to consider when shopping for makeup is what kind of coverage you really want or need. Not everyone needs a heavy duty foundation and some people's skin actually looks better with less makeup. You also want to consider the kind of time you have to apply makeup. If you're looking to save time, a BB cream might be the quicker alternative to foundation, which can sometimes require a little extra time blending. While we're on the subject of blending, consider the kind of beauty tools you'll want to work with and ask your beauty advisor for tips and tricks. Another tip? Be prepared to try some makeup on your face. It's the best way to see how a product looks and feels.

Hot Lips for Humid Weather

When it's humid out, it can be hard to find the motivation to glam up. Even with the best weatherproof makeup primers and foundations, sometimes, you just don't want to feel anything on your skin. However, if you still want to look hot in humid weather, consider playing up your lips for a no-fuss way to look fabulous. 

Smashbox recently launched their Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquers that are quickly becoming fan favorites for their high-pigmented, long-wearing formulas. Ideal for lipstick users that always layer gloss on top, these non-sticky lacquers help eliminate that extra step. They stay on for a long period of time, without the annoying flaking or patchy fading. The conditioning power of Vitamin E keeps your lips moisturized and protected. With so many shades to choose from, you can pick a color for every season. If you're looking for more of a subtle pop of color, consider any of their Be Legendary Lip Glosses. They have an airy feel and glassy finish that will make your lips feel smooth and sexy without any stickiness. 

Too Faced's Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick has been flying off our shelves since they launched. Their precision tip applicators make them a summer favorite because you don't need to fuss with a liner for a beautiful application. The colors are so vibrant that all eyes will be on your pretty pout. Even on the yuckiest, humid days of the year, you will still look fabulous and the word melted will take on a new meaning.

Get Sexy Cat Eyes with Too Faced

When it comes to eye makeup, nothing is more timeless than the alluring, sexy cat eye. From Cleopatra to Audrey Hepburn, the cat eye has always been in style. This fall, Too Faced invites you to get in touch with your inner sex kitten with their gorgeous Cat Eyes palette. 

Too Faced never lets us down when it comes to their fun, gorgeous palettes and Cat Eyes exceeds expectations. It contains nine new shades in matte, shimmer and glitter textures, giving you endless options to play with for day-to-night looks. Leopard, Jungle Love and Panther can be worn wet-and-dry, for a beautiful shadow-to-liner option. The colors in Cat Eyes are vibrant and contrast each other perfectly, so whether you're feeling mod, punk or vintage, you'll be able to experiment. As with the other Too Faced Palettes, this one also features a Glamour Guide to inspire you. 

A great addition to the new Cat Eyes Palettes are the new Bulletproof 24 Hour Shadow Liners. Planet Beauty will feature four beautiful shades in black, bronze, purple and turquoise. Whether you want a flawless liner or shadow, these shadow liners won't crease or smudge. Completely waterproof, you won't have to worry about your shadow or liner disappearing come lunchtime. In only sixty seconds, color is locked down for 24 Hour wear. Each shadow liner comes with a built-on smugger and a hidden sharpener to keep your point perfect. 

Calling all color lovers

Are you in need of a little color in your life? Then you're just in time for this season's hottest trends. OPI's newest collection of neon shades are already flying off the shelves and recently, Deborah Lippman unveiled their hot new colors for summer, as well. Travel back in time with Deborah Lippman's musically-inspired collection for summer, 80's Rewind. Everything about this collection will make you feel nostalgic for a time when mixed tapes were popular and MTV was about music videos. This limited edition is sure to sell, not only for their bright colors, but their names as well. Check out these fun shades:

Don't Stop Believin': (Righteous Red-Orange) I personally LOVE Journey, so I HAD to have this gorgeous, vibrant orange. 

Maniac: (Electro-pop Purple) If you watched Flashdance as a kid, then you'll remember the famous scene with Jennifer Beals. This color might get you dancing, too.

She Drives Me Crazy: (Tantalizing Teal Tease) The Fine Young Cannibals sure knew how to cater to the feelings of loved-crazed individuals with their hit song, but we know the only thing that will drive you crazy is not getting this beautiful teal shade. 

Video Killed the Radio Star: (Bombdiggity Blue) The hit song by The Buggles is highly contagious and will always get stuck in your head, once you think about it. This fun blue color will have you singing like a radio star.

Walking on Sunshine: (Lively Luminous Lemon) Do you feel like walking on sunshine all summer long? Then you have to try this pretty lemon shade. 

Trends Spotted at the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards are always fun to watch, not just for the artists performing, but for the edgy fashion and beauty trends seen on the red carpet. Celebrities seem to take more liberties with their style and the atmosphere is a lot more casual, which can lead to some interesting choices in hair and makeup. Here's what we loved about the red carpet beauty trends.

Edgy hair color: Both Ke$ha and Kylie Jenner rocked pink and turquoise hair, respectively. Ke$ha's hair was dyed entirely, while Kylie rocked dipped turquoise tips, which looked really fun with her long bob. If you've been wanting to experiment with fun colors, Jerome Russell has Punky Colors, which deposits temporary color while conditioning hair. Of course, this product works best on bleached hair, but you can even use it on dark hair to create some fun highlights. Or, if you're really feeling brave, call your local Planet Beauty and see if any of the stylists specialize in funky colors. You can always try a few peek-a-boo highlights and take it from there. 

Met Gala 2014 Inspiration

Every year, the Met Gala delivers with high fashion, gorgeous beauty trends and artful inspiration that makes all of us want to be a little more fierce and fabulous. From classic ball gowns to modern short dresses, A-List celebrities make their mark on the red carpet, taking risks and going bold. This year, I was particularly surprised with some of our favorite younger actresses rocking the red carpet in a seamless fashion. Blake Lively, Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Stone all brought a different look to the Gala and each was a winner in their own right. 

Blake Lively

Why we loved her look: No matter what role she's playing on screen, she sure knows how to rock the vintage Hollywood glam look. From her sexy, vintage waves to her natural makeup and heart-stopping dress, it was hard to take your eyes off her.

Get Rid of Purse Clutter

A few years ago at a bachelorette party, we played a purse game where we had to scavenge around for miscellaneous items like pens, bobby pins, etc. There really wasn't anything my group of friends and I didn't find. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say a woman's bag really has her life's contents in it. After all, you don't know when you're going to need that bandaid or breath mint. However, every now and then it's a good idea to give your purse a spring cleaning. Not everything has to go, but not everything should stay, especially when it comes to your beauty arsenal. 

If you start your day with by using a great primer and foundation, then you really shouldn't need to lug those items around in your purse. However, you should definitely carry your favorite touch-up powder along with you. Too Faced's Amazing Face Powder Foundation is a great option because it can go from sheer to full coverage, depending on what you need. If you want to keep your purse even lighter, try Palladio Rice Papers to blot away excess oil and give your skin a light dusting of powder to refresh your makeup. 

Pastel Picks for Spring 2014

Aside from the flowers that start to bloom around us, you know it is spring when you start to see the burst of pastels everywhere. Whether you’re off to the park for a picnic or a bridal shower for a friend, wearing pastels will have you looking youthful and pretty. Check out some of our spring pastel picks for 2014!


Favorite pastel lip colors: 

Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Pout: A true bubblegum pink, this lipstick will look great with soft, neutral eye shadow for day or a smokey eye shadow for night.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Fly High: Anyone looking for the perfect pink-lavender shade won’t be able to resist this beautiful lip color. I’m looking at my mod-inspired ladies to have fun with this lip color.

Too Faced’s La Crème Taffy: If you’re not ready to commit to a bubblegum pink, Taffy has a hint of nude mixed with pink marshmallow for an irresistible pretty pout. 

Favorite nail colors:   

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple: This creamy, mint shade is perfect for every occasion and compliments just about everyone.

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