5 Jack Black Products Your Guy Will Get Hooked On Using

Ladies, is your significant other a no-fuss guy when it comes to his daily grooming routine? Does he use whatever's available in the cabinet and shower? Does he mindlessly use your luxury shampoo as his body wash? If so, it may be time to switch him to a routine of his own. Jack Black has a great variety of men's products that your guy will not only love, but get hooked to. If you're looking to help your S.O look and feel his best without having to share any of your favorite beauty products, then check out these must-haves from Jack Black.

1. All-Over Wash For Face, Hair and Body: Who doesn't love a product that eliminates extra steps in the morning? This 3-in-1 wash not only smells great, but will leave your guy feeling extremely fresh from head to toe. This moisturizing wash gives a nice, rich lather to deeply cleanse dirt and sweat without drying out skin or hair. Panthenol keeps skin and hair soft while a Certified Organic Olive Fruit Extract gives antioxidant protection. Certified Organic Sea Kelp Extract keeps the skin's moisture content balanced, too. 


2. Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap: If your guy is active and works out on a daily basis, then he'll love washing down with this body bar. Natural Lava Rock polishes away dead skin while Ginkgo Biloba and Blue Lotus fight post-workout fatigue and stimulate the senses. Murumuru Butter and Shea Butter leave skin hydrated and nourished with each use. The scent is invigorating and light, perfect for waking up in the morning.


3. Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20: For the guy who reaches for regular ol' lotion for his face, this is the perfect switch for him. This lightweight facial moisturizer comes in a pump (no having to dip fingers in a jar) and doubles as a sunscreen. If your man hates the thought of anything on his face, he'll love how quickly this will disappear into his skin. A boost of vitamins A and C from Sea Parsley will give him antioxidant protection from free radical damage. Blue Algae Extract will leave his skin smooth and soft minus any residue. 


4. Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25: If your man is constantly asking to borrow your lip balm, chances are, he's in need of his own relief from dry lips. This lip balm instantly soothes dry, chapped lips with ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and Green Tea. The best part about it is that it's made with SPF 25, which will keep his lips protected when he's outdoors. Once he tries this lip balm, he'll never reach for your again. You can choose from a variety of flavors, too.


5. Protein Booster Eye Serum Rescue: Men may get away with having crows feet (Hello, George Clooney!) more than women do, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they enjoy having them. If your guy has been dropping hints about his tired appearance, it may be time to get him an eye treatment. The Eye Serum Rescue from Jack Black helps target tired eyes with a combination of peptides, antioxidants, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and phospholipids. Fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles will diminish with each use of this powerful serum. 


Liz Cabrera


Liz Cabrera is a skin care enthusiast who has worked at Planet Beauty for 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of California, Long Beach. She has a love for film, jazz and the Humor boards on Pinterest. 

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