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When it comes to nail trends, there really aren’t any set rules to follow, as trends are constantly evolving in the beauty industry. If you’re a nail polish junkie with more bottles of polish than you know what to do with, you’ve probably spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for nail inspiration and trends. Refinery29 recently talked to a few experts about the future of nails and the results were pretty surprising and kind of refreshing. If you want to know what’s trending in the nail world, check out this list and see what looks you might want to try.

Chipped Polish: You read correctly, ladies. You no longer have to hide your chipped nails with closed-toe shoes and hands in your pockets. The concepts of negative space (parts of your nails that are unpainted) have been growing in popularity and don’t seem to be dying down at all. So, next time your nail polish chips, don’t feel pressured to re-paint your nails. Just let embrace the negative space.

Accessible and Sophisticated Nail Art: Sure, having your nails painted like ladybugs or watermelons can be adorable, but it isn’t the most appropriate for the professional workplace. The future of nail art will be more accessible for the professional woman and will be clean-looking and simple. Minimal designs add an element of fun, but won’t be breaking any dress codes.

No Makeup Look for Nails: No makeup looks were hot on the runways this season and the concept has trickled down to nails, as well. The perfect nail look for the woman-on-the-go, this trend calls for sheer polish, allowing the nail to still be seen underneath. Nails still look polished, but require less fuss and maintenance.

Red Carpet Manicure: This trend will take us back to the classics, with full coverage reds, nudes and neutral metallic shades dominating. Attention-grabbing colors and designs will take a backseat to textured nails (think topcoats with specks of color and mixed metals).

The Man-icure: Manicures aren’t just for the ladies and some men are even getting into nail art, asking for their sports team logos and edgy nail polish colors. With the growing interest in man-grooming, this may be the next big thing for guys.

Play on 90’s Inspiration: Still digging the Spice Girls all these years later? Well, now you can throw it way back to the 90’s with your nails. Square-shaped nails, French manicures with chunky, white tips and pierced nails are making their way back, so grab that denim outfit and get ready…

Check out REFINERY29's blog for more on these growing trends!

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Liz Cabrera


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