Redken's Curvaceous Makes a Fresh Start

When it comes to wavy and curly hair, there isn’t one magic formula that works for both.  Each strand of hair is unique and requires special attention, technique and products to bring out its best bounce. Redken Haircare has been on a mission to create tailored styling systems for both curly and wavy hair types and has recently re-launched their Curvaceous line. Their new line reintroduces some favorites under exciting new packaging while expanding the line to offer more options for different hair types and needs.

Instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach to their Curvaceous shampoo, Redken now has three different options, depending on the type of curl. Whether the hair waves, curls or spirals, there is a specific shampoo that will cleanse it gently for the best possible appearance and bounce. The new Curvaceous High Foam Shampoo lathers like a regular shampoo, but doesn’t contain color and moisture stripping sulfates or parabens.  Redken’s exclusive Curl Memory Complex is formulated with shape-activating sugar crystals, moisturizing Moringa oil and a protective UV filter. Every shampoo infuses hair with lightweight moisture, which is perfect for wavy hair types that need definition and bounce without any weight.


Someone with a curly hair type will require a shampoo that offers a little more moisture for frizz control and increased shine. The new Curvaceous Low Foam Shampoo is a moisturizing and creamy formula that gently cleanses hair to preserve its natural moisture, while defining its shape with Redken’s Curl Memory. Spiraled curls require even less of lather when it comes to cleansing. The new Curvaceous No Foam Conditioning Cleanser is specifically formulated for those spiral curls in need of major moisture from root to tip. This creamy conditioning cleanser doesn’t have any drying, harsh salts or parabens that can mess with a good spiral curl. With each use, curls are deeply hydrated, softer, more manageable and incredibly shiny. 

The Curvaceous line now has six styling products to suit each type of curl and give the best definition possible. The CCC (Climate Control Caring) Spray Gel and Refiner are both formulated for all curls. The CCC Spray protects hair against humidity while moisturizing curls. This spray can be used in the morning or throughout the day to refresh curls. The Refiner helps to prime and provide moisture before styling, while keeping frizz under wraps for all day style. For spiraled curls, Redken repackaged Ringlet and now has Spiral Lock, a high holding gel. Full Swirl is also back with new packaging for curls and so is Wind Up for wavy hair types. 

Are you a fan of Redken's Curvaceous line? What do you think of the new products? Share with us and comment below!

Liz Cabrera


Liz Cabrera is a skin care enthusiast who has worked at Planet Beauty for 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of California, Long Beach. She has a love for film, jazz and the Humor boards on Pinterest. 

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