Time-Saving Beauty Tips To Help You Survive Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings time is this Sunday and if you're already yawning thinking about that lost hour of sleep, you're not alone. No one really looks forward to Daylight Savings and it can almost seem like it takes a whole week to adjust. If you're already not a morning person, it can be particularly challenging. This week, hit the snooze button and save some time with your beauty routine. Check out our time-saving beauty tips to survive that dreaded Monday.

1. Skip the A.M face cleanse: If you normally wash your face in the sink every morning, ditch your regular face wash and get your face cleansed and toned with a micellar cleanser instead. All you need to do is take a soaked cotton pad and run it along your face. 5 seconds and you're good to go! 

2. Cocktail your foundation and skincare: Professional makeup artists use this method when they're pressed for time and it will be your go-to technique when you're in a rush, too. Simply mix a drop of your foundation with your moisturizer, serum or primer and go to town. You can also apply this technique when your skin is in dire need of a quick glow. Mix your foundation with a drop of liquid luminizer for a radiant, youthful finish.

3. Detangle your hair in the shower: Don't wait until you're out of the shower to get any knots out of your hair. Just have a wide tooth comb handy in the shower and get any tangles out while you let your conditioner or mask do its thing. To avoid friction or tangles, use a microfiber towel to wrap your tangle-free hair. This will also help you cut down on blowdrying, as well.


4. Wear your blush or bronzer as your eyeshadow: Of course you'll want to avoid bright pinks, but if you have neutral-shaded bronzers and blushes, you can cut some time and use them as your eyeshadow, too. You'll look fresh faced and ready to go.

5. Blow dry your hair last: This might seem counterintuitive if you're thinking doing this will melt your makeup off. However, if you wait to dry your hair last, it won't require much time or high heat. First, use a microfiber towel after your shower to eliminate excess water from your hair. As you do your your makeup, your hair will air dry. Speed up the process with a blow-dry serum or spray that cuts drying time, as well. 

6. Dry shampoo it: If you really want those extra zzz's this week, dry shampoo will be your best friend. Turn second day hair into a sleek ponytail or bun for a quick style that's out of your way. Hair accessories are really hot this spring, so get your hair clean and volumized with dry shampoo and opt for a cute, embellished headband or scarf.

7. Make it about your lips: If you spend a majority of time creating a perfect eyeshadow look, then we suggest letting your lips do the talking this week. Wearing a red or berry lip will elevate your look, drawing attention away from potentially tired eyes. 

8. Forget about perfect lines and smudge: Don't waste time trying to line your eyes perfectly in the morning. This week, perfect the smudged eyeliner and don't look back. Not only will you soften your look, but you won't have to reach for the q-tips to get that perfect line.

Liz Cabrera


Liz Cabrera is a skin care enthusiast who has worked at Planet Beauty for 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing from the University of California, Long Beach. She has a love for film, jazz and the Humor boards on Pinterest. 

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